Monday, October 29, 2007

The Absolute Worst Way To Follow A Game

My wife, the saint, and I have been together for over ten years and married for just over five. Before we had kids we had a great old time, going out, partying, doing the eeh eeh - eeh eeh whenever we got the chance.
Then we had my daughter. Now, your first kid is a trip. Later when you have a second you wonder why you thought the first was so difficult. You had her outnumbered but its your first and when you get home from the hospital and realize there's no manual then you're in a world of shit because you realize that you have to keep her alive and you haven't the foggiest.
So then we had our son and the baby part was a piece of cake because you know what you're doing now but the problem is that the teams are now even and like the Finns when the Soviets invaded in '39, it may seem like you're winning and people everywhere admire your pluck but the reality is you're just delaying the inevitable and pretty soon there are statues of Stalin in every square in Helsinki. Same deal once you have two kids. They are pretty well always winning. Its like watching those poor Canadian Olympic hockey teams in the 70s and 80s playing the Soviets again. You knew they were going to lose everytime. Just too much firepower.
So your time is precious and Dog bless my wife, the saint, because when the Oilers are on the TV she lets me have at it, no complaints. Living amongst those Whose Passion Unites Them All, however, means that Oiler games are usually few and far between.
So many nights are spent like last night, hanging out, knowing the Oilers are on, but not really in a position to do anything about it. Sure I could tune them in over the Interweb radio but all of those married fellows out there know that when you have kids and you're actually committed to the cause (ie/ you do your full share) that its all about tradeoffs. I'm going to Edmonton in just over three weeks, leaving Jenn with the kids but I will return the favour in the spring when she takes off for a weekend soemwhere. In the same vein watching the Oilers whenever they are on means that when Desperate Housewives is on I'm going to grin and bear it (aw, I like that show, who am I kidding) - sneaking into the basement with the laptop isn't going to do the trick.
So what does one do? Well, I have the laptop at arm's length with the Live Game Update from the Oilers' website running. If you've never taken in a game that way let me just say that you should try it because other then the shots at or on the net, the stoppages in play and, um, well, that's all really, you haven't the foggiest idea as to what is going on out there. For all I know the lads could be playing canasta by the pool with the Ducks.
So last night I see 2-1 Ducks and then STAIOS - PENALTY HIGH STICKING with under three minutes left and I figure that's all she wrote.
And then nothing. Just the time click ticking until:
SANDERSON, EDM, SHOT 45' - now the clock stops but because its Sanderson and its 60' and its SH I figure he's lofted a long one in at Giguere. And then:
COGLIANO, EDM, SHOT 7' - I kid you not. And then ...
You really can't beat it for excitement. Really.
How about those Oilers?!


Anonymous said...

I don't know who'll have a heart attack first, me or Rod Phillips.
Years ago a friend's dad wasn't allowed to watch his team anymore. I didn't really believe it then but now I understand. Man.

Really wanted a win for Garon, I was one of those who felt he was a great pick up. That beginning sounded pretty scary/lucky, but it sounded like he warmed up real good. That one save was wow.

Cogs with another short handed. Damn. Loving this kid. And Gags, I like MacT's description of "nifty". He is pretty nifty.

Good for Stoll to (using Morley Scott's description the other night for Hemmer) get that gorilla off his back.

uni said...

If you have a stable infornets connection you can try watching the p2p streamed games. Although they are pretty hit and miss, and the Oilers don't get as much streaming love as one would like.

buddy said...

Black Dog, this post is uncanny. You have described the last 6 years of my life to a (Mac) T, even down to Mrs. Buddy's TV choices in return for letting me watch the Oilers (and have a few cold ones to dull the pain). Too funny!