Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why Is This Dog Smiling?

Frequent visitors to this site (all four of you) will know that I am turning 40 this year - in December, in fact. Its been a terrific year. I have been abusing my body as much as possible, making sure that this will likely be my last milestone birthday. Anyhow, thanks in part to my lovely (and very understanding) wife and some encouragement from Senor A. Grabia, I will be making the pilgrimage this November.

Yep, first time in Edmonton. Going to check out the Oilers/Blackhawks on November 24th. Also looks like a Golden Bears' game is in the cards as well. And Andy claims he is "going to make a man of me" which is both frightening and quite exhilarating. I have been beside myself with excitement thinking about it.
Ahem, well, yes ...
As for TC news, check out Lowetide. I'd love to be able to add something but as we all know the quality and quantity of this man's work (I truly believe he has a staff of thousands) leaves us in the dust. I will say the following:

- truly excited by the Oilers' kids this season - the list of guys who look to be players is a lengthy one and its exciting - Cogliano, Gagner, Trukhno, Brodziak, Gilbert, Roy, Nilsson, Almtorp - not to mention Thoresen and Smid as well as kids like O'Marra and Peckham - its great to see

- not so great to see the struggles of Matt Greene - I like the guy and nobody can question his heart but man, he is stinky; some guy commented the other day that we should lay off him - its preseason after all. Exactly! He's taking two or three minors a game playing the scrubs. Guy has got to get it together.

- Pouliot scores tonight and that's nice - I think this kid is Vernon Wells - slow starter - and I really think he has a spot on this team. He obviously pissed someone off by not sticking it out in California but I sure hope they don't give up on him. He has been outplayed by some of the youngsters but I think he can play a role on this team.

- Whatever happened to Rob Schremp?

By the way, I still think this D is rotten. Absolutely. Achilles. Heel.

Having said that its exciting to see the season near. And I think this team is going to be damn good in a few years.

See you in November. I'll be the guy with the big stash.

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