Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nous Gagnons!

First period ended last night and some wag (ok it was me) commented that it might not get any better then this in 2007/2008 for the Oilers. But they held on to win their first preseason game and this morning we are happy. To say these games mean nothing is inaccurate. Ask Patrick Thoresen and Kyle Brodziak about the meaningless of intrasquad and preseason games. By this time last September Brodziak had already fallen off the radar and Thoresen had interested the brass enough to pencil him into the lineup again. A couple of games later and he was a lock to break camp with the big club while Brodziak was cut early and buried in the minors.

This year Brodziak has come out on fire, making a statement as MacT said, that he deserves to be on the team. Considering that he can play without the puck, I would say he is almost there already.

So, lets review real quick:

LW - Penner, Torres, Moreau
C - Horcoff, Stoll, Reasoner
RW - Hemsky, Thoresen, Sanderson, Pouliot

I realize Thoresen, Sanderson and Pouliot may all be playing other then RW but for simplicity's sake lets keep them there.

That leaves three or four spots open. I would say Brodziak will lock one up.

That's two or three spots left up front for Gagner, Schremp, Almtorp, Cogliano, Nilsson, Carter, Jacques and Stortini to fight over. Have I missed anyone? So much depends on whether a kid centre can win a job or not. if one can then you can shift Pouliot to the wing and the lines look a little more palatable, presuming the kid centre takes the soft minutes.

Likely Lowe moves someone out if the kids impress and Carter can hang in there. Or maybe he just ships a bunch back to Springfield and Gagner back to London. If Gagner continues to do well, he may very well get the 10 game trial to see what he can do.

It makes for an interesting camp for sure. It is nice to see that a lot of the kids seem to have come along, that Gagner looks like a blue chipper and that a guy like Brodziak is ready. Its great to see the vets in such great condition. Intangibles aren't going to make Sheldon Souray any faster but a lot of enthusiastic hungry hockey players, many of whom can be sent down quickly if they don't work to keep their jobs, will make for a hard working, aggressive, old time club. Will it translate into a lot of wins. Maybe not but its an identity I want this team to have, much like it once did.

Oh, for all of you who come here with filth on your minds, rest assured that there will be a conclusion to our little tale - I just need to get my mind in the proper state - that being one of total and complete perversion and debasement.


PDO said...

that being one of total and complete perversion and debasement.

Isn't that why God invented beer?

Tonight makes the race on D very interesting, as Grebeshkov looked anything but good tonight and Greene was out there, again, taking ridiculous penalty after ridiculous penalty.

You have to imagine Cogliano and Truhkno are making good cases for themselves with games like that tonight as well.

And you just have to love that Horcoff reminded everyone that he's a legitimate talent.

Black Dog said...

pdo - yeah, one wonders if Grebeshkov gets sent down despite his contract - if he and Gilbert go then Roy doesn't have to go through waivers - of course its his first game at this level in a while so might have been a little fast for him - maybe he'll settle down.

By all accounts Nilsson did well also - according to the papers he pretty well has a job sewn up.

Running out of jobs.

Glad to see Trukhno and Cogliano do well - I think Trukhno goes down anyways - he will get a lot of icetime in the AHL - best for him I think. If they do not keep Gagner and if Cogliano outplays Schremp Andrew may be in business.

A lot of nice prospects - good to see.