Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cut Cut Cut

Bisaillon, Syvret, Young, Bodie, Johansson, O'Marra, Schremp, Reddox and Truhkno.


With the exception of Schremp I don't think any of these guys figured to be in the mix coming into camp. Truhkno showed very well. We'll see him again.

For that matter Schremp showed well too. He's coming along. He just happened to have two kids who showed better. I'll bet he's hoping Gagner ends up back in junior at some point this year though.
After tonight's games we'll see a few more head down - Sestito, Almtorp (another who has done well), Simon.
And then the tough decisions.
Seven or eight D? I figure seven. Vic Ferrari made a good point in a thread the other day. We love Roy but every team has a Roy or two. The Leafs have a couple of guys who are looking pretty good who have to clear waivers for example. So I think they try to sneak him through. And Gilbert goes down as well. He will be back soon though. He's had a terrific camp, I think.
Up front its pretty crazy - I think we are going to have a couple of surprises.
In - Horcoff, Penner, Hemsky, Stoll, Torres, Nilsson, Reasoner, Sanderson, Moreau, Brodziak
I would think Thoresen has a spot as well. Good role player and maybe someone who ends up playing some tough minutes this season. That's eleven.
Cogliano is in, at least to start the year. He has gotten better, instead of worse, and I think he could play a few different roles on this club. That's twelve.
Jacques or Stortini. That's thirteen. If JFJ does not make it its a big disappointment. I also think he will be in line for top nine minutes if Moreau, Torres or Penner go down and he gets the call.
So fourteen (this is presuming they go with seven D) is either Gagner or Pouliot, I would say. Gagner is playing again tonight. If Pouliot does not make it, well, it would be a huge disappointment. It would mean he was outplayed by a whack of players who on paper should not be outplaying him.
UPDATE - According to this CP article MacT says the Oilers will start the season with eight defencemen. So I guess Roy is in. What that does up front I have no idea. If Gagner gets cut then I guess Pouliot is also gone. If Gagner sticks then does Stortini or Thoresen go down as well? Cogliano has already scored tonight. He's in.


uni said...

I'm excited about a 'sheltered' line of Cogliano-Brodziak with a vet thrown in. They look like they could hold their own and do some damage.

That would leave the possibility of a tough sledding line of the remaining forwards in Moreau, Sanderson, Reasoner, Poliout, Thoresen, Stortini.

Also here's hoping Nilsson keeps his game at this level and gets better as he gets more games under his belt. If he pans out and O'Marra makes it next season as a good 3rd line (with the possibility of 2nd line upside), not to mention the 3rd prospect, do people finally start saying that the return on the Smyth trade was a bargain?

Big T said...

I think there are many who beleive the return for Smyth was in fact fantastic - before Nillson started to look halfway decent. Those that think it was a bad trade tend to be too emotionally invloved in Smyth to evaluate it properly IMO.

Trading Smyth = Bad idea.

The actual return = fantastic.

Does that make sense??


Black Dog said...

Lowetide has a good take on the trade - Nilsson, O'Marra and Plante for 20 games of Smyth is pretty damn good. But for a lot of people it would take a Cup with Nilsson and O'Marra playing big roles to make it a good trade. Smyth was beloved, for good reason, and the botched negotiations make it an even harder pill to swallow. Throw in the fact that they used the money to sign Souray and it makes it even harder to take.

But I think they have picked up two quality guys, maybe three, and the side effect of the trade also got them into position to pick Gagner. Overall a good position moving forward.

So T, you're right on. They could not have gotten that package moving Lupul. Already we're going to see the effect with Nilsson earning a spot, let's hope.