Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Already Getting Clearer?

Well, yes and no.
I've said it before and I will say it again - its exciting to see so many kids who are turning heads - Trukhno, Almtorp, Cogliano and Nilsson all got good reviews for their play last night.
As Lowetide says you can get a lot from what MacT says. What he is saying in the papers today, backed by his boss, is that Robert Nilsson has a job. It was his to lose and he is not losing it. His conditioning is terrific and so is his mindset. Much like Pouliot it appears that last fall he went into camp comfortable and that set him back. He has not made that mistake.
With Carter getting his bell rung, one wonders if his chance may already be over. Three days and done - irk.
The other guy getting praise from his coach is Stortini.
Its crazy right now and injuries may still play a role but for now I think its looking like this:
LW-Penner, Torres, Moreau, Sanderson, Brodziak
C-Horcoff, Stoll, Reasoner
RW-Hemsky, Nilsson, Thoresen, Pouliot, Stortini
Is it possible that there is only one spot left already? Or am I giving Pouliot too much credit? And what of JF Jacques?
Trukhno, O'Marra and Almtorp have shown well but they are ticketed for Springfield and that's fine. They need that seasoning.
That leaves Gagner, Schremp, Jacques and Cogliano for that last spot. I love Gagner but I cannot see him sticking. I'd love to be proved wrong but I can't see it.
I think its Cogliano - Pouliot moves back to centre and the kid goes to the wing. He has the speed to play at the NHL level and the right skillset too.
Sure nice to see the kids the Oilers have put together - different sets of skills and I think maybe a few guys in there who may really be able to play.
There you have it - until next time. ;)


Anonymous said...

hey bd

my computer is down and couldn't get the game here in nyc. i thought that maybe the center ice package gave a free preview for a couple of weeks, like i thought they did before, but no luck yet.

so, haven't caught anything live. frustrating... feeling a little lost. only source of news is what i am reading on the oilogoshere, tsn and such.

sounds like from the comments though that pouliot is not off to much of a start so far. disappointing. excited by brodziak's big game though and gagner's initial play. if we can give him (gagner) 9 games to see how he holds up at the nhl level before we have to make a decision on him, that would be something i would like to see. it would be the ultimate soft minutes line, if he played with hemsky and penner, but the thought is tanatlizing...

it seems to me that we haven't had an impact rookie in ages... i guess hemsky was the last one, but his impact was questionable in terms of really changing the outcome of a came. in that mindset, have we ever had an impact rookie? have we ever had anyone ever in contention for a calder trophy?

it's frustrating to see teams like colorado continually churn out players. just when you think they might be hitting a downward cycle after the cap implementation, they trot out wolski and stastny. what is their secret? they obviously have had later drafts than the oilers for pretty much the past decade, yet have had guys like liles, tanguay, hejduk, wolski, stastny, just to name a few.

anyway, it is my fantasy that the oil can have an impact rookie, potential calder candidate, and exceed everyone's expectations and sneak into an 8th seed. not likely, but i like to dream.

keep up the good work.


Black Dog said...

thanks brooklyn - well, I certainly agree - you look at some teams - SJ, NJ and the Avs and they always seem to have a guy or two pop up every year

part of that I think too is that they can put them in positions to succeed - if you have Thornton and Marleau and can sneak a kid in there here and there for easier matchups plus some PP time then they can pot 15 to 20 goals.

Love Gagner a lot and if he plays with Penner and Hemsky and on the PP he is likely to do well but don't think he'll stick; if he does it will be in that scenario though. Pretty sure he'd have some success there.

In any case the Oilers have two reasons for this failure - I think - one is that some of their drafts have been iffy and the second is that for years they were kind of touch and go as we know - if you're trying to make the playoffs you can't very well throw Smyth and Horcoff out with Joe Rookie to see how he does.

So they have brought guys along slowly - which is ok too - Horcoff, Stoll, Hemsky, Pisani, Torres etc are all pretty good players.

As for Pouliot I think he will be fine - he is in good shape this season - I think he is just a bit of a slow starter plus he has not been scoring so everyone looks and says "oh he's not doing much" compared to Gagner or Trukhno.

uni said...

Yay Nilsson! I really do like that kid.

As for the Oilers history in the draft since the 90' may be slightly better than the "let's trade Brendan Bell and a 2nd round pick for 20 games of Yanic Perrault who was a free agent for 2 months prior" Leafs.

Anonymous said...

i see your point, bd, as far as developing players slowly to set them up for long term success rather than the possibility of failure by inserting them into a position where they are unlikely to succeed. still, and of course this is not news to anyone, their drafting record is pretty woeful, especially when you look at players available after the oilers picks (e.g. bonsignore, rita, henrich, riesen, devereaux, kelly- wow, that one hurts the most, i think, looking at other first rounders available after that e.g. iginla).

just looking at the past list of calder winners, and every other team in the nw division has had a calder winner, if you include the old north stars and bobby smith, which is perhaps unfair to do. but the jets did have selanne and hawerchuk, to maybe counter that.

anyway, is it too much to ask that an oilers rookie can make an immediate impact, given a position to succeed? is it possible to put a rookie in a position to succeed on this team this year? too many young players on the team at one time likely diminish the chances for success for any one player, with less sheltering available. maybe this is something for lowetide to look into- individual rookie success relative to number of other first or second year regulars on the same team...

anyway, such is the misery of being an oilers fan.


Black Dog said...

We'll see how it goes - Nilsson is getting good reviews - i don't think he would qualify as a rookie but close enough in my book.

And maybe next season will be Gagner's turn - he strikes me as a guy who could fulfill that wish. Just probably not this year.