Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mr. Katz

Today CP ran the following story.
I would say its just a matter of time before the Edmonton Oilers are sold to Daryl Katz.
As I mentioned in a comment on a thread elsewhere regarding whether or not Katz would spend to the cap, I think it is pretty clear that he would be willing and able to do so. Five million bucks is pocket change to a guy with his money.
Could the Oilers soon have a billionaire owner and a local one at that?
Unless the guy is a complete nutbar (see Ballard, Harold) I can't see the downside.
I'm officially on the bandwagon.
EDIT July 25th - And Terry Jones steps away from the buffet long enough to weigh in. What does he say? That having a billionaire owner would be BAD and that Katz is UNTRUSTWORTHY and that its all moot anyways because EIG is not going to sell because they are all that is GOOD and HOLY in this world.
If you look closely enough you can see Cal Nichol's lips move when Jones speaks.
Its truly amazing.


uni said...

1.6 Billion doesn't exactly make 5 million pocket change...but I'll concede that it does make it easier to spend.

Pat said...

amen, BD. While the EIG are obviously free to do what they want as businessmen, they would be doing the franchise, and the fans, a huge disservice if they do not graciously bow out.