Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Guy Goes To The Beach For A Few Days

He comes back. He gets the kids to bed. He goes online. He shits himself.
I don't know about this - five years, right? At how much?
We'll see if Craig Simpson can wreck one of the most lethal power play weapons in the league.
Other then that, I see a lot of sizzle and not much steak, as a wise man once said.
I've been over to Jeff's site quite a bit and I've read about the Habs there and his take on Souray was that he was an ES disaster and this was not even facing tough opposition.
So, the pluses - he's definitely a PP weapon and, uh, he's a Dman with NHL experience.
The negatives - he's an ES disaster, he's signed for five years and without even knowing, I will bet that its for 5.5 or higher.
And this guy is no elite player either.
And now that they have him, Pitkanen, Tarnstrom, Smid and Grebeshkov on the left something or someone has to give.
A trade or trades coming.


uni said...

I just hope they don't trade Pouliot, Gilbert, or Nilsson...but a trade seems to be a comin'.

Mr DeBakey said...

MacT's Marauders have too many D
One has to go [& Schremp]


Straka -NYR are over the cap
Cole - I don't know why but his name keeps coming up
Reinprecht - not as good, but the Wile E's are cleaning house
Vanek - There is no evidence the Sabres have filed the matching contract

Straka, Martin-Horcoff, Shawn-Hemsky, Ales
Torres, Raffi-Stoll, Jarret-Pisani, Fernando
Sanderson, Geoff-Pouliot, Marc-Nilsson, Robert
Moreau, Ethan-Brodziak, Kyle-Thoresen, Patrick
Vigier, JP & Jacques, J-F
Pitkanen, Joni-Staios, Steve
Souray, Sheldon-Smid, Ladislav
Tarnstrom, Dick-Greene, Matt-Gilbert, Tom
Roloson, Dwayne-Garon, Mathieu

A pretty good team

Mr DeBakey said...

Except for the Defence
Its still a Dog's breakfast

Black Dog said...

Yeah, mr d. I don't like that D at all at all. I know the consensus is that they are better and they certainly will move the puck better and be far more able on the PP but overall, not so good I am afraid.

uni - Pouliot and Gilbert are the two I hope are least likely to be traded and I would bet that Nilsson gets his shot this season, at least with major PP minutes.