Thursday, July 26, 2007

Come On Now

I liked the Vanek move.
I'm not a big fan of this one. If it was Ryan Getzlaf, maybe. But Penner ...
Not sure.
My first instinct was that Burke would match it but this guy has always been the type to stick pretty closely to what he believes is good fiscal sense (except when it comes to Bertuzzi?). His mindset is that you pay a few guys the big money, the right guys.
Getzlaf and Perry are better players now and likely in the future then Dustin Penner. And they are up next season. Maybe he says what the hell and lets him walk.
I hope not. I want the Oilers to get better but I don't see them getting out of the bottom ten with Penner on board. And three picks, including a first rounder ...
Too much.
Please match, Mr. Burke.
Thank you.


Kyle said...


Pat said...

I didn't like the Vanek one (4 first round picks?!). I don't like this one either, but I like Penner, and think he'll be a solid player for the next several years. I'd be happy to see him as an Oiler. But it's the circumstances I don't like. Everything Lowe does reeks of desperation - "how do I save my job?! I promised 6-8 new faces! I promised to replace Smyth's goals!". This has to be plan X or Y. What a freaking disaster. The problem is blatantly a systemic managerial problem. Get the clowns out of there already. They're starting to cause damage to the franchise that will endure beyond their own tenure.

My greatest fear is that Burke has actually fleeced us once again. Burke basically says "sure Kevin, if you can sign him, you can have him. I'll take your picks (you guys don't know how to use them anyhow)."

Anonymous said...

Who is the best comparable to Penner:


I think he has already proven to be at least Antropov.

Black Dog said...

pat - don't agree on vanek but I do on this one; four first round picks is a pile for sure but Vanek is pretty close to an elite player already, imo; he and Hemsky would make sweet music together.

Penner - eh, not so much

anon - living in T.O., I've seen a lot of Antropov and I'd say Penner is a better bet then the Kazakh. The guy is a decent player already but that's a lot of coin for a guy who has had one decent season.

garnet said...

Antropov's two years older, and his career high in goals is 18. I'd say Penner is already past him; whether that makes him worth all those draft picks is another matter.

uni said...

Not even beer induced euphoria can make this seem good...maybe I need more beer.

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