Saturday, June 30, 2007


The idea of paying hot commodity and 13 goal scorer Scott Gomez seven million a year doesn't really do it for me.
With Dick Tarnstrom apparently coming back my wish list is a simple one - sign Paul Kariya. If they could sign Guerin as well, that would be perfect.
My reasoning - you have Stoll, Pisani and Moreau as one line to play tough minutes. Hemsky, Pouliot and Nilsson to play the softest there is. Yes, Nilsson. Its time to see if he can make it. Playing him with Reasoner and Storini makes no sense.
Then you have ideally Kariya, Horcoff and Guerin to handle both ends of the rink. Then you move Torres and Smid or Greene or Gilbert for a Dman to play in your top two.
If you can't get Kariya pick up Guerin and he, Horcoff and Torres (or Moreau - move Torres to the Stoll line) make up a line.
My reasoning, in a nutshell. This team isn't contending for the Cup but add Tarnstrom, Kariya (or Guerin) and a true # 1 Dman and they are in contention for a playoff spot.
They have a whack of kids (see Lowetide's top 20). Some are still in junior or in college. Some, like Cogliano, O'Marra, Almtorp, Schremp, Young, Trukhno and Dubnyk are likely headed to the minors and that's fine.
Pouliot and Thoresen are set for the NHL. Smid and Greene as well.
Its Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Roy, Nilsson, Jacques and Brodziak who are in limbo. Maybe Gilbert and Roy could go to Springfield but another year in the AHL for any of the rest - what's the point? Play them or move them.
I would guess Grebeshkov is the sixth or seventh man to break camp and Brodziak is on the fourth line with Thoresen. One of Nilsson or Jacques is gone. The other gets some prime icetime.
Interesting year coming.


Kyle said...

1. Ryan Smyth
2. see 1


Black Dog said...

Yeah Kyle, its really going to make me crazy if they do somehow sign someone like Gomez for ridiculous money when Smyth was there for 5.5. I was against the Smyth contract but if you're going to give out a stupid contract anyways then give it to him.

Andy Grabia said...

How about Ketcup, Pat? You telling me you wouldn't get horny seeing Teemu in an Oilers uni?

Black Dog said...

I think if he doesn't retire its the Ducks or nothing, Andy. And based on the fact they signed Bertuzzi I would say he's done.