Friday, June 01, 2007

There's Going To Be A Bumfight!

Interesting comments from Bob MacKenzie last night on TSN (transcript is on their website) where he claims that Lowe has huge plans for this summer, hoping to use his plethora of young cheap players to land three (3!) premium players via trade. Two up front and one on the back end.

With talk of the dollar being at par by year end it appears he may be about to roll the dice (MacKenzie says if nothing gets done it won't be for lack of trying - who wrote that, Jim Matheson?)

Tomorrow or Sunday night I will be able to post on this interesting development using my own experiences in our neighbourhood bumfighting league to show that if Lowe plays his cards right he too will be able to rise from a disastrous situation to become King of the Bumfights.

Be forewarned - this post will involve Samoans, dirty hobos, drug addiction and Andy Grabia having sex with a bag lady.

Good stuff.


SweatyO said...

Andy Grabia having sex with a bag lady.


PDO said...


One problem here BDHS - the EIG is saying the budget is set at 10-7% of the cap. You gotta figure that means we start the season around $42,000,000.

.... how exactly are we supposed to bring in 3 premium players via trade with a $42,000,000 cap instead of a $49,000,000 cap without giving up as much as we get?

If we trade Horcoff, Cogliano and Greene for Marleau we're a worse team with a worse future, but that's about the only way we can hope to bring in big names if we wanna stay under the cap.

Though, getting Lupul's 2.32 cap hit off the books would help things out a bit ;)

Black Dog said...

pdo - I'm just repeating what Mr. MacKenzie said. Do I believe it? Well, Kevin Lowe was probably talking to MacKenzie and said "we really want to bring in two guys to play on our top two lines plus a top guy for the backend and I am going to do everything I can to make it happen".

Doesn't mean it will; doesn't mean its true (although that would be little too much of a conspiracy for me). Also, Sykora played in the top six last year so I guess it may depend on what the definition of top six forward is.

PDO said...

Oh, I don't disagree that it's likely true. I'm just scared of it, because I think it means we're going to play musical chairs instead of actually adding someone.