Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Sillie Season Begins

So it begins, the offseason, more fun then the onseason.

To review the goings on:

Mike Keenan is now head coach of the Flames. Never ever saw that coming. The Playfair era ends with a whimper. I think this may very well be a one shot deal. Some commenter somewhere (I think it was at BofA) made that point, a great one I think, that Keenan is here to try and push them over the top. Next summer when half the team is UFA he will likely be gone and Brent Sutter will come in to take his place. Interesting scenario. Of course all of Keenan's success was in the first ten years of his career when he turned around Philly and Chicago and pushed the Rangers to the Cup. He also had international successes. Since then, nothing.

Chris Gratton goes to Tampa to give them a decent 1-2-3 punch at centre. Gratton is another in a long line of top picks (he was #3) who never lived up to expectations. He has had himself a decent career but not what they figured. I think we're going to see a couple of guys who go top 5 this year end up in the same boat. Anyhow, not a terrible move for Tampa (for a 2nd rounder), considering they had four guys average ~ 30 minutes a game come playoff time.

And Balsillie, good old Balsillie. James Mirtle has been giving a pretty good play by play as always on this stuff. Guy has huge balls. Balsillie, not Mirtle. Somewhere I read today, may have been Damien Cox, the theory that Balsillie is acting the way he is (with some like the Hat thinking he should be more cautious) because he has gotten legal advice that basically has told him the NHL cannot stop him. They cannot stop him from buying the team and they cannot stop him from moving it and that is why he is advertising seasons' tickets in the Hamilton papers. If they try and stop him it will go to court and he thinks he has a winner. Also interesting to note - the same opinion with regards to paying territorial rights to existing teams.

Hamilton Fincups or Tigers or Kate Winslet Is Meeting Me For Some Pints on The Patio Tonights. Whatever you want to call them, that's some great shit.

With the draft just over a week away (I'll be in Goulais but should be able to catch part of it - no blogging though) and then the insanity of the UFA frenzy a week after that, things are going to stay interesting for a while now.

Something on the Oilers soon and it won't involve Grabia or rotting bag ladies, so lets thank our lucky stars for that. Meanwhile, summer is here, so deixa a luz do sol!


Anonymous said...

"it won't involve Grabia or rotting bag ladies"
More's the pity, where else will we get our fill of the bag ladies not to mention the exploits of Grabia and the lamentable Samoan?

Kyle said...

I love Balsille. Wish he was the Oilers/Flames owner.

Mr DeBakey said...

Somebody has been foolin with your posts

Whomever it is took out the part about Kate in the Shower in the Morning

Black Dog said...

Yeah, I had to do that. Kate wasn't too pleased about me kissing and telling.