Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lowe Proves To Be Genius As Oilers Garner First Round Pick

Four more Duck wins from a fitting conclusion to the Oilers' Annus Horriblus.
Awful Bumhole Indeed.
I'm cheering for the Sens but you know and I know that the result is a foregone conclusion.
Curse of the Mullet.


Mr DeBakey said...

Check this
Written by guess whom:

"When the Ducks prevailed 4-3, the last piece of the Chris Pronger trade puzzle was completed and the Oilers secured a first-round draft pick in 2008 because Anaheim won the Western Conference title.

Lowe held out for an extra first-rounder last July after Ducks GM Brian Burke agreed to give up a first-round choice in this June's draft in Columbus. If Anaheim won the West in 2007, the Oilers would get a first-rounder next June. If they won in 2008, it was a first-round pick that year. If not, the same scenario held for 2009.

"I wouldn't have done the deal for Chris just for the four assets we got," said Lowe, who drove a hard bargain over Pronger, also nabbing Ladislav Smid, Joffrey Lupul, a first-rounder this June and a second-rounder in 2008."

Sore bum indeed

Kyle said...

Still a bad trade, but maybe Ducks will tank in 07 (stranger things have happened) and the Oilers trade up for Mr. Tavares?

The 08 draft should be pretty deep either way. Drew Doughty anyone?

Black Dog said...

I would have preferred Ryan Getzlaf.

SweatyO said...

I would have preferred Ryan Getzlaf.

Do NOT get me started BDHS....I already turned Oilfans into my own personal soap-box this morning gettng the point across of how huge a fuck-up it was to not get this guy, and how spineless the media in town is to not call Lowe's BS about Getzlaf "not being on the table".

You were trading CHRIS FUCKING PRONGER. Anyone not named Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin should have been in play.