Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ten Ways To Spend Your 2.3 Million Dollars

2.3 million dollars will buy you a lot.
836363 cans of Guinness from the LCBO.
Or 306666 pints of Guinness from McCarthys (generous tip included).
1654676 sausage mcmuffins.
6 and a half houses in Toronto.
230000 dinners for two at Bibiche Bistro, including 2 glasses of red wine, 2 Creemores, tax and tip.
65714 visits to the rub and tug.
Jan Hejda, Patrick Thoresen, Tom Gilbert (with 300K to spare)
Jason Smith's contract this year (with 400K to spare)
Jay Bouwmeester (with 200K to spare)
Sydney Crosby and Evgeny Malkin (with 500K plus to spare, maybe for Gilbert or Thoresen again)
Or it could be the Cap hit the Oilers are taking this year and the next two for Joffrey Lupul.
16 goals and 12 assists. Nearly the worst plus minus in the league.
I mean there is that tremendous effort he brings shift to shift, game in and game out. You can't really beat him for the intangibles he brings to the table.
So I guess its money well spent after all.
Addendum - interesting note over at Mirtle's - one of the top ten players in the league in differential between goals against for his club between when he is on the ice and when he is off the ice is your man Patrick Thoresen.


F. russ Straighted said...

Another fine post, but can anyone please tell me where the value lies in keeping Raffi Torres, aside from the low return we'd get? I see nothing of value there either. Is it just me? Thanks.

James Mirtle said...

Crosby and Ovechkin will both pull in more than $3-million with their bonuses.

Mr DeBakey said...

That thing with Crosby and Malkin’s bonuses screws up the math something terrible.

Torres, inconsistent head case.
Is he a keeper? 50/50 on that.
Is he a Lupul? No, Lupes is consistent.
Mudcrutch had some numbers yesterday.
Plus Torres’ Cap Hit will be a Million less than Lupes’ next season

Gord said...

Obviously I am missing something - I thought the +/- was the simple barometer for the differential between goals for vs goals against at even strength...

So why isn't Umberger at minus 30 the top (bottom?) player on the list????

Mr DeBakey said...

This is an enhanced plus minus.

First it’s turned into a per hour rate [your basic +/- is per season]

The Team's Rate is then pulled out of the Players Rate - that's what the on-ice/off-ice refers to.

Unberger's On-ice GA rate is 4.37
That's 4.37 goals scored against Philly every hour of Umberger's Even Strength ice time.
4.37 is ugly.
However, when Umberger is on the bench, Philly's GA rate is 3.46.
That's ugly too.
The difference -.91.
Not as bad as the guys on the Top 20 list.

Black Dog said...

james - Who said anything about Ovechkin?

Right on about the bonuses but you guys can see the point. You can list an endless number of guys who give better value then Lupul for equal or less money.

Gord - not sure what list you're talking about - straight plus minus - Lupul I think is fifth worst or soemthing like that - it was in the paper yesterday or the day before.

And from MacT's comments after last night if they are using this stretch as evaluation both Torres and Lupul will be gone - sounds like macT is fed up - won't get much for either although I guarantee there will be a lot of teams willing to take Torres off the Oilers' hands.

Gord said...

black dog - re: Lupul

Yes I was also curious why Lupul was not on the top (bottom?) list on Mirtle's blogspot. But to get the information clarified, it made sense to use the worst +/- player in the league...

Thanks for the clarification mr debakey....

Ken said...

Wow, look at Bergeron with NYI vs Bergeron with EDM:
15th and 396 for +/- On Ice


- Ken

Black Dog said...

yeah but the's still the same old MAB - scored a goal the other night and also coughed it up at the blueline for two breakaway goals.

high event!

playing with Tom Poti rather then matt greene sure helps I think

Kyle said...

Isn't it absolutely shocking that Bouwmeester makes about $2mil a year?

But if your point is that Lupul is poor value for money, then I think your point is an understatement.

Mr DeBakey said...


No photos of R Schremp in his jock strap?

What kind of Oilers' Blog is this!!?

Anonymous said...


And isn't Lupul's salary next season 2.535M? Then it rises to 2.9M in 08/09. That money could seriously be better spent. You hear that Lowe!

And damn, Thor's contract keeps looking better and better. That was a good find.


Black Dog said...

chrissyt - yep - its his cap hit over the length of the contract that is 2.3 per year