Friday, April 13, 2007

First Impressions - Jarmoe Poo Poo!

Just getting ready to put Jack to bed last night but first we caught the beginning of the Flames/Wings tilt. The boy loves the hockey. He has his little Oilers' stick and isn't afraid to use it. He and the dog caught sight of a corn flake that was lying under the table the other day and both went for it. We had to get out the mop to clean up the blood and teeth after that collision. Elbows and stick high going into the corner.

Game comes on and he points at the screen - "DADA!"


Start of night three of the playoffs and boy, its something. Sharks and Preds are in a war. Radulov has scored again and then has been tossed for driving Bernier into the boards from behind. Cheechoo is playing but is hobbled. He went down in G1 and then Hannan limped off and you could see it all going down the toilet for the Sharks, even with their depth but then Hannan came back and now Cheechoo is playing as well.

The Preds kill the major, including a minute two men short and then Dumont scores shorthanded and the crowd is roaring and at every stoppage there's a scrum. Preds PK reminds me of the Oilers last year, in all the lanes and active sticks while the Sharks look for the pretty play.

Both teams so deep that unless the winner is devastated by injuries its hard to see anyone out West standing up to them. Anaheim and Detroit are both very good but both of these teams throw three lines plus and its hard to withstand the onslaught. How do you hide Perry and Getzlaf when your opponent has three lines that can score? Who does Pahlsson shut down?

And both teams, like les Sabres and the Ottawas are young and loaded. A few more years of this coming, maybe?

I get a St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout. "DADA! JARMOE POO POO!" Everytime I get a beer. "DADA! Chees" (raises glass)

Dumont again. Hmm, could the Oilers have picked him up?

Every year is the same. Game one and everyone goes crazy. Either elation or panic. One game, even two games (remember Oilers/Sharks?) doesn't mean so much to me. Obviously its better to get your split on the road or to be up two (duh!) but this talk that the Ottawas are different this year because of their admittedly dynamite performance the other night. Heard this before. Lets see what happens tomorrow. But the Ottawas did look good, no doubt.

Les Sabres had a perfect game, a win but tight enough to keep them honest. My Sabres' fan buddy hopes that if it comes down to it they choose Drury over Briere. He loves the dynamic Briere but Drury scores and checks and does it all. He's the better player and will likely get less. Anyhow, Sabres' fourth line includes Connolly and Stafford and you think of, say, Reasoner, Stortini and Petersen facing these guys and its not a fair fight. What a team.

In other news Atlanta goes down, to my delight, and what do you know but Tampa's goaltending costs them G1 against the Devils. I hate the Devils.

Without Kipper the Flames are down by seven or eight easily and Datsyuk scores three himself in about a five minute span in the second. It appears someone feels they have something to prove. What makes me laugh is how the media seems to paint the picture that the Wings' loss of Bertuzzi being equal to the loss of Reghyr. Without Reghyr the Flames are done. I think the Wings likely could win the series without Bertuzzi even playing a game. It should be interesting to see how desperate the Flames come out and whether or not they can get that split. The Wings, like the Sens, appeared to quiet those playoff demons for one night at least.

There's an ad for the new Natalie Portman movie. "DADA! NATALIE PORTMAN IS SMOKING!!! JARMOE POOPOO!"

Right on.


Katie O'D said...

Hannan's blocked shot and subsequent hobbling made me love him more. I still can't believe that these two teams have to face each other in the first round. They could be in the Conference finals if the standings weren't so odd.

Drury's the only thing on the Sabres I like, besides maybe Connolly and Ryan Miller. Even looking at things objectively, I'd take him over Briere any day.

Clever little kid you have there!

Anonymous said...


That's funny. I am so teaching my son to say that.

And I too would take Drury over Briere.

Flames play tomorrow afternoon (1pm MT?), wonder if that will mess with them? One can only hope.


Mr DeBakey said...

Year's ago
My roommate, Ray, was a Calgrian transplanted north to God's Countree.

My girlfriend and I taught her
two-year-old daughter this routine:

"Where's Raymond from?"

Laughs all around