Monday, March 12, 2007

Like The Oilers (and Barry) I've Got Nothing

They say February is the cruelest month and like much of what you read in great works of art, it is true. Such as I do remember every single fucking thing I know. And I am a big fan of an Afternoon Delight. I also enjoy Pina Coladas and Walks in the Rain.
Never found love at the Copa, Copacabana however, so its not always true.
Anyhow, February ended with Ryan Smyth getting shipped to Long Island and now two weeks later the Oil are O fer and Bryan Young is fifth on the depth chart and only Fernie and Toby Peterson have managed to score in those two weeks.
Thirteen games left with their match with the Anze Kopitar less Kings tonight perhaps one of their best chances left to get a win. Seriously.
Horcoff is hobbled and probably wondering what has happened - two weeks ago he, Smyth and Hemsky were dominating some pretty good teams while facing the toughest that opponents could throw at them and now he is playing with a very game Kyle Brodziak and Raffi Torres, who at this rate is heading for a pay cut.
Matt Greene and Laddy Smid are playing 25 plus a night so I guess Kevin Lowe is happy?
Jacques still looks lost and whatever happened to Petr Sykora and we're still trying to figure out where Lupul has hidden those pictures.
Good Lord.
I wonder what Jason Smith thinks. Probably about making an outrageous contract demand this summer so he can catch a plane out of E-town as well. For the grief he has gotten from "fans" while playing with these clowns what would you expect?
The only positives so far - the try is there which speaks to a couple of things - that there are a bunch of kids trying to impress and also, seriously, to MacT and guys like Horcoff and Smith who are trying to show the kids something. Except for the disasters immediately after the trade they have at least given it their best shot while playing some pretty good teams like the Lightning, the Ducks and the Sharks.
And they are sliding down the ladder when it comes to the draft and that is a good thing. Nothing worse then missing the playoffs and getting some middling picks. No guarantees at the top but your chances are better at a blue chipper up there. No need to take a flyer on some tattoed headcase (might as well gamble though at that point) when you have six or seven guys that everyone agrees are top six or top seven and that is where you are picking.


Mr DeBakey said...

Raffi Torres, who at this rate is heading for a pay cut

Poor ol Raffi
Everybody is on his case.

Plays relatively tough minutes
Nearly even on the +/- scale

No Are-eee-ess-pee-eee-see-tee!

If they'd just let him use a bushel basket to carry the puck instead of that silly wooden thing.

I heard the following on both the Team & CHED: "If Ryan Smyth is your best player you ain't good enough."

That must have been Point #1 on the Talking Points Memo faxed to the Edmonton media from Kevin Lowe's office.

Sock it to me, sock it to me...

Black Dog said...

Yeah, I haven't really gotten the "Ryan Smyth is your best player argument".

So, if you're not good enough with him then you had better move him on out so you can be just plain abysmal.

Kyle said...

I'll agree with oyu in that we ARE seeing a lot of effort out there...and I think the scores aren't necessarily representative of how the team played, if that is any consolation.

That's about it...

Katie O'D said...

Maybe they have been hustling, but they just haven't been good enough to win any games. The players that comprise this game really shouldn't be able to beat a real NHL team. Is Horc out? I heard that somewhere. If he's gone then we really have nothing. Maybe someone on the team finally sedated him. I've seen poor Horc nearly kill himself on the ice about 10 times a game, and as much as I love him for it, it's not worth it.

Black Dog said...

katie o'd - he's got a bad case of the flu - that's why they brought up Nilsson

Mr DeBakey said...

If Ryan Smyth is your best player you ain't good enough

OK I got thinking..

Here's a $41mm Cap Hit team
using this year's $$$
Featuring 15 Oilers [as of Oct]
Ryan Smyth is the best player
I think this team could seriously challenge
Its full of guys who I think would do well in the MacTavish "system"
I've included at least one "overpaid" guy

Smyth, Ryan // Horcoff, Shawn // Hemsky, Ales
Hartnell, Scott // Stoll, Jarret // Pisani, Fernando
Moreau, Ethan // Pouliot, Marc // Dvorak, Radek
Torres, Raffi // Stefan, Patrik // Lapointe, Martin
Morrisonn, Shaone // Smith, Jason
Eaton, Mark // Staios, Steve
Tjarnqvist, Daniel // Sarich, Cory
Biron, Martin // Markkanen, Jussi
Petersen, Toby & Thoresen, Patrick & Hejda, Jan

Fun with Excell, can't be beat