Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Face of The Franchise

Been to the Journal online lately?
Their Oilers' page used to have a picture of a battered warrior, the heart and soul of the Edmonton Oilers. A guy named Ryan Smyth.
You may have heard of him.
All that an Edmonton Oiler could be.
The epitome of a hockey player.
A man all Canadians could rally behind.
A giant among men.
Traded ...
To replace him, the Journal could have posted a picture of the Oilers' captain. Or a rugged veteran like Steve Staios or Ethan Moreau. Or the veteran goalie who led them to the Cup final last year. Or flashy Ales Hemsky. Or local playoff hero Fernando Pisani.
Hell, I would have preferred a picture of Marc Pouliot, Mathieu Roy or Bryan Young.
Even Mr. Everything Toby Peterson.
Instead they post a picture of the soft, clueless, underachieving, Budweiser drinking, ballcap wearing, pushed off the puck by Jeff O'Neill, never forechecking, never backchecking, taking up spacing, vacuous, mumbling, non scoring "goalscorer", Joffrey Lupul.
Face of the Franchise.
Stab me, shoot me and fuck me in the ear.
But hard.


Kyle said...

EIG Propoganda Machine

Mr DeBakey said...

You know what i heard on the Radio?

If you keep treating Joffrey badly, the Oilers will never sign any free agents.

Of course,
Lowe would have to stop making his final offer when there are still 3 other teams bidding

Anonymous said...

Lupul looks really stupid in that picture. He looks bored. Or maybe a bit irritated. Quite possibly hungover.

Lupul's so bad right now he's close to cancelling out his production (26 points) with his god-awful -24!!!

Such a horrible choice I'm going to take the time to e-mail and complain about it to the Journal.


Sherry said...

Marc Pouliot, Mathieu Roy or Bryan Young.

Yeah, but are any of them really, really, ridiculously good looking?

Anonymous said...

You're mad because of a picture? Get over it...we have a bigger problem: MacT.

Black Dog said...

anon - not so much mad as discouraged - this piece of shit is the new face of the franchise?

and disagree on MacT - sorry - Toe Blake couldn't make a winner out of this roster - kids on D, kids up front, and a pile of injuries to boot

not happening

Mr DeBakey said...

Ahh, an anonymous MacT critic.

Let me guess
- "Oiler point totals are deceiving because of MacT's inept coaching"
- "MacTavish NEVER communicates with his bench. Huddy is the only one that does it."
- "If MacT would give the skilled guys the minutes over the peterson's and winnies of the world...."

Its hard to get a read on Mactavish

Every season he starts with a substandard operation
a couple of seasons ago it was number 1 center Mike Comrie,
last year Number 1 Tender Conklin,
this year that very shallow D.

To me, he has a good eye for talent,
runs a responsible, yet entertaining team
and the only time he's been given a balanced & deep line-up he went to the SCF.

As for Lupul, He ain't the face of the franchise, the sooner they trade him, the better off they are.

*The above quotes were borrowed from Sportsnet's Oilers forum.*

Black Dog said...

Agreed Mr. D.

Kyle said...

Mr. D., I think MacT has been unfairly criticized too (shameless plug, but I go into greater detail here.)

(BD, if you want me to take the link down leave me a comment and it's gone)

Mr DeBakey said...

A couple of partings shots

Last season, when the goaltending was so bad, were the Oilers allowing fewer shots per game than anyone else? I think I have that correct, that's good coaching.

Next season will be no better, probably worse than this year.
HHOF Scribbler Jim Mouthpieceson has announced the Oiler's player budget for next season will be $43 Million - that barely keeps up with inflation.

That $5.5 that wasn't spent on Smyth?

Well, lets just say you shouldn't be ordering your "Redden" or "Lecavalier" Oiler jersey just yet.

Anonymous said...

That's a great face of franchise. These franchise opportunity is rather interesting, I'd like start up franchise.