Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kick In The Balls

Good luck Smytty!
Fuck you EIG!
Nice season. Piss it away for want of a Dman and then trade the face of the franchise.


Anonymous said...

Holy Hell, does that sting.
I'll miss him every game.

PhantomJoe1920 said...

Too bad three to four years away wasn't now so as to see what Smyth's return amounts to...one can only hope that Rob&Ryan develop and quick into at least half the player #94 was/is for this Franchise.

Guess this is also a wake-up call for some current young talent on the roster and the likes Schremp to get his act together and be NHL ready for 07-08.

This trade stings no matter how you dice it up, and the part of being a sports fan that hurts the most in seeing an icon depart, but the team still lives on...hopefully to incur better days ahead.

Anonymous said...

After not filling the DEFENSIVE HOLE and not spending the 6mill+ left behind from Pronger, he DOES NOTHING and gives away the ONLY GOOD thing we have going this year. All we got are PROSPECTS? Look up the def. of "prospect"...worthless now and may be worthless in the future. YOU CHEAP BASTARD; we all get it, you're a tough negotiator, real hard-ball type of guy...you're nothing more than a BEAN-COUNTER. GET LOST, we need a GM with vision, someone who understands the INTANGIBLES. HOW CAN WE STILL BE IN A DEVELOPMENT PHASE? AFTER 15 YEARS+?B.S. I've been covered in oil for 2 decades plus and this is the first time I have said this - that was the last straw, this group is done, GET AWAY FROM MY TEAM. If I was in Edm now I'd be rioting in the street - go to H.O. and burn it to the ground. darcy