Thursday, February 15, 2007


Its a wonderful thing. Sometimes when the big fella and I are out for a stroll I daydream of what might have been if things had gone a little differently last June 19th or of an improbable yet successful run this spring.

Recent arrival to the scene, Katie O'D, made a reference to the little fellows on the left in her last post. They are the Backyardigans. My three year old digs them and, truth be told, so do I. I have actually watched this show when nobody else was in the house. And I don't watch a lot of any TV. My favourite is the little guy on the right, Austin. I think he's a kangaroo. My daughter's favourite is Uniqua, who is standing to Austin's right. She is some type of bug. Her clothing is the same pattern as her skin so I'm not sure if she is a type of cannibalistic bug but anyhow.

So the deal with these guys is that every day they go on a big adventure. It all happens in their backyards but they use their imaginations to create these wild and crazy worlds. They go surfing, to Mars, to Africa etc. They are Vikings, pirates, detectives ... every episode ends with someone's stomach growling. The background fades back into their backyards and they go for a snack.

The power of imagination.

With your Edmonton Oilers digging through three feet of snow to get into Buffalo tonight to play Les Sabres, two days after falling to the lowly Bruins, seven points behind Wild on Jack Lemaire and no return for Stoll or Pisani in sight, methinks maybe these guys might be needed to suit up.

I'm afraid its about up for our boys and its a damn shame. It looks like Lowe had his plan and it failed, whether by design or through a combination of bad luck and stubbornness. Who knows?

Its the damn dead of winter (yes, its finally arrived here in the Centre of the Universe - no sign of the Princess Pats yet but we'll see if we get more snow) and while we're getting by its too bad that there will be no dash for a playoff spot to cheer on this season. Other then that things are looking good. Going to see the Oilers play the Leafs on Saturday and will also be catching the Sabres when they come into town in a couple of weeks. We have discovered a babysitter on our street which means dinner and drinks on separate occasions next week (those with small children will recognize the ridiculous thrill that brings) and also that my summer hockey season which looked doomed (wife works same night) has been saved. Add to that my invitation to our club team's big Easter tournament for the first time and things are looking up all around.

Except for one place. I'd sure as hell rather be dreaming of a Cup parade in June then what Lowe is going to get when he starts to sell.


Katie O'D said...

The Backyardigans apply to life in so many ways. Take the Oilers for example:
Ryan Smyth is Pablo. He's the mainstay of the team- very consistent and the glue that holds the gang together.
Jason Smith is Tasha. Sassy and spirited, they take crap from no one.
Joffrey Lupul is Austin. Sexy (did you see Austin's shockingly seductive dance as a lifeguard?) but doesn't seem to be around in every episode.
Shawn Horcoff is Tyrone. Kind of a goofy, less important version of Pablo/Smytty.
MAB is Uniqua. We've decided that Uniqua is an ant afflicted with leprosy. *coughMABcough*
It can't be good that I know this much about the Backyardigans.

Oiler Joe said...

I'll be at the game on Saturday as well. I hope to see lots of Copper and Blue while I'm there. Also, not sure if you realized, but I heard that the leafs will be celebrating 40 years of sucking. Here's to 40 more! I hope to see some colourful signs. Could there be a better example of bittersweet?

uni said...

Why do all the really quirky and interesting girls live in far away places like Vancouver or Boston? Why can't I get a job that's within a 2 hour travel radius of where I live? Why do the Oilers continue to lose? Why am I still up at 2:26 a.m. after only getting 30 hours of sleep all week long? Why am I asking all of these questions?