Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hockey Night

Going to the game tonight.
Never have been to Rexall and have actually only caught the Oilers live once, in Detroit back in the early 90s, so I'm pretty excited.
Going with my best buddy, have a pint or two before the game, a good dinner - annual tradition we have. Should be a good evening in what's looking to be a great few weeks coming up. With one exception of course.
Wish it were better circumstances for the Oil but it should be a good game in any case. The Chiefs have been playing well and are in their own playoff struggle. Friends of ours over for dinner last night - they were in Buffalo for the game and said the Oilers, especially Smyth and Horcoff, played pretty well. Raycroft and his squad tend to be a little off when they are at home - here's hoping.
Fact is that you look at the Oilers' lineup and its lacking. With Stoll, Pisani and Moreau out you've got some big skates to fill. Sad to say the Leafs are missing some pretty good players as well but unlike the Oilers who have seen guys like Sykora, Lupul and Torres disappear, the Leafs have had their secondary guys step to the forefront.
Earlier this year I opined that if the Oilers were actually looking towards 2009 and 2010 as their seasons to win then I wasn't sure if dealing guys like Schremp, Pouliot, Gilbert etc made sense. Why trade guys who you expect (rightly or not) to be a big part of a bright future in order to shore up a mediocre present. Now this does not excuse the mismanagement of the D situation or the fact that this club could have spent another 2 or 3M or so to shore up that weakness but I don't have a problem with the Oilers not sacrificing kids for a team that honestly looks to be going nowhere.
Of course if they had taken care of that D situation this club is likely first in the division and then what?
Anyhow watch for me tonight. I'll be the guy in the cordoruy coat making out with Horcoff on the bench.
And after the game when they announce Smyth's new deal I'll make sure to give him the Oilogosphere's love.
Whatever you want, Smytty. Sign on the dotted line and I'm all yours.
Addendum - who was the first player to wear Dave Keon's #14 after Ballard drove him from Toronto? Might be a good sign for tonight.


Andy Grabia said...

Have a good time!

Scarlett said...

More man-crushes on's becoming an epidemic.

Have fun and hope the Oilers from Thurs night in Buffalo shows up.

Katie O'D said...

This sounded more like a man-crush on Horc. Say hi to him for me!

mike w said...

Have a beer for me.

Anonymous said...

Nice dig on that picture Pat!! And please heckle someone for me;)

In looking at all the prospects, shouldn't the Oilers make an either/or decision on RS or Cogs? That is if they think the former can play centre. I doubt he can and personally I'd like to put him on LW for reasons like:

- we'll be thin there if 94 leaves. I guess the depth chart will go Torres-Moreau-Jacques and Turkhno. OUCH

- he's having a hard enough job learning to play defense and we all know it's a lot easier to look after your own end when you're a wing and your primary job is to make sure your opposite dman doesn't pinch down from the point. Seems like the sensible switch, no?

I don't mind holding on to the kids and truth be told it might be too late to make a charge now anyway and we should know that by next Sunday evening but I don't want to get too much into that because that excuses Lowe for not moving all season and starting the season off with the team as is. But if you're looking for both those kids to play centre then why not dangle one given the depth of 10-16-78 down the middle?

Black Dog said...

anon - you're not the first to suggest that Schremp will not be a centreman when / if he makes the big club; based on Cogliano's skillset I think I can see him making the jump to the pros as a centre moreso then RS. He is a better skater and by all accounts a better all round player then RS.

Unfortunately I don't see RS making the team next season either. He has been a healthy scratch a few times lately from what I hear. In the minors.

And if Smyth leaves well, the LW is a sinkhole.

I think its becoming clear that Lowe is thinking two years down the road and if that's the case then hanging onto the kids is smart. The frustration comes in with the fact that they could have offered that extra cash to a guy like Markov (and maybe they did?)or likely plucked someone off of a team tight to the cap back in August. And if they did so then maybe they are in a better position now.


Just having a little Guinness - have to get the courage up for when I make my move. ;)

MikeP said...

"why not dangle one given the depth of 10-16-78 down the middle?"

Because concussions are tricky things. Right now it's 10-19-78 with 16 maybe coming back at season's end, or maybe coming back next season. There's no guarantees that another hit won't finish his career either, and either way, there's no guarantees that the 16 we see post-concussion is anything like the 16 we saw in the playoffs last year and so far this RS.

Anonymous said...

First off...I was the Anon guy:) Anyway, I don't know if Cogs will score in the NHL or not but he looks like a guy who's well built and we know the guy can burn so year he projects as a guy that can play the pivot.

MikeP, point taken on Stoll. MacT looked really worried about his longterm prognosis last night and if he;s worried then so should we all be. Though, just to quibble because I'm in a pussy mode today given that the Oilers once again fucked me when it comes to games against teams I hate, ie Leaves-Habs, the 16 was saw in the playoffs was pretty much shit anyway:D

Though the guy this year was making real strides:)


Black Dog said...

Figured as much Dennis but I wasn't sure - the numbers usually give it away.

Good point on Stoll, MikeP - I read about a week or so ago an interview with Stoll where he said that even the day before he had been dozing off during conversations so that was obviously a sign that he was in bad shape.

Cogliano definitely projects as a centre - from what I have seen of him he's more playmaker then scorer but I think he may be a keeper.

Schremp is interesting - I think he might not pan out but if Smyth leaves I think he'll get his shot on the LW and it may be as early as next fall.