Saturday, January 27, 2007

Slip Sliding Away

I know a woman, (who) became a wife
These are the very words she uses to describe her life
She said a good day aint got no rain
She said a bad day is when I lie in the bed
And I think of things that might have been
Sitting here drinking a Rogue Stout from Oregon on a Saturday night. Wife is at work. Kids are abed. Second night in a row. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow are not a repeat of last night.
Oilers get blown out by the Sharks. Their four rivals in front of them pick up 2 points (Wild) and 1 each (Flames, Canucks and Avs). The two teams behind them both win. (Blues. Coyotes.)
So tonight the Oilers go into action seven points behind the Flames and Canucks and six behind the Wild, who also sit in the last playoff spot. They are two behind the Avs and but two ahead of the Blues and Coyotes.
By the end of this weekend they could be tied with the Yotes and Blues, eight points out of the playoffs.
This might be over sooner then we thought.
Staios is now listed as day to day. Shaggy is out indefinitely, I believe it would be safe to say.
Roloson and Smith are wearing down. Sykora is MIA. Nedved is washed up, which we figured. Hemsky is getting run at nightly. The fourth liners are game but they're fourth liners.
Horcoff is snakebit. Torres has become a decent two way player but 27 goals is just a pipedream. Pisani will likely get 20 after all but hopes were higher.
The rest of the D is overmatched.
And what is the point of Joffrey Lupul, anyhow?
Bright spots? Uh, Heyda belongs in the NHL. Stoll has become a pretty good player. And Smyth, although in a bit of a slump now, continues to have a good year. Of course all signs point to him plying his trade elsewhere next season.
Bring on the full on rebuild!
Things have turned ugly. After a fast start and then a couple of months of being average the loss of Staios and Shaggy laid bare what everyone knew was the Achilles heel of this team, the back end. With them in the lineup and healthy the D was maybe average at best. With them out its the suck. And the rest of the team is going down with them.
The Oilers have become the Ducks, the Canes, the Capitals, the Panthers - surprise teams who marched to the finals, fell short and then fell back to earth the next year. Hard.
Hopefully they can become the Canes and rebound in a few years to finish the job. The Ducks look to be in good shape to do this as well.
Its been a real hangover year, compounded by the Pronger disaster. Two months to heal and prepare after ten months of hockey instead of four months after eight. (I know we'll take the former any day.) Guys coming back forgetting what got it done in the spring. (Stoll admitted as much when he discussed his play in the October).
You can read it in the comments by fans as well. People are cranky.
The worse thing is that guys like Smid and Roy and Greene who are not ready for prime time are getting thrown under the bus. They're the ones being put in a position to fail. Whose fault is that?
On the other hand, Jordan Staal has 16 goals. Mike Grier has 10. Ryane Clowe has 12 in 25 games. Joe Pavelski has 9 in 27 games.
By Christ Jeff O'Neill just scored his 17th.
All of these but Mr. Grier and Jeff O'Neill are rookies. Mike Grier, God love him, is Mike Grier. I saw O'Neill near my place last year. He looked like he was thisclose to begging on a steet corner. Washed up.
Hemsky has 7. Torres has 8. Horcoff has 8. Lupul 13.
Do I need to say more?

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