Friday, January 19, 2007

Oilers Come For Two Reasons - To Drink Some Beer and Kick Some Ass. Looks like they're almost out of beer.

Forgot about this movie until Grabia linked to the poster . Great movie. And the best line - Nicky Katt, bullying nerd Adam Goldberg, " I came here for only two reasons, to drink some beer and kick some ass. And I'm almost out of beer."
Oh yeah, I'm easily amused. Heh. I use that line every chance I can get.
No wonder all of my neighbours think I'm some sort of fucking weirdo.
Anyhow, this year has been for the Oilers and Oiler fans like the day after would have been for Pink, Slater, Don et al, if they were 39 and not 17. Meaning ... major hangover.
Not to say that Lowe isn't helping any as he attempts to show that last season was not a fluke and he is a total genius, hoping to pull not one, but two rabbit Dmen out of his hat for a third round pick and the rights to Rem Murray.
Funny thing is this team has somehow stayed afloat for weeks now with, as Lowetide says, Jason Smith and play for rain. Obviously Shaggy hasn't been right since about the high water mark of the season (Game 8) and Staios is now on the IR. Some flu, huh? Knowing Staios and the Oilers he will probably return and be like the guy in the Leslie Neilson spoof of The Fugitive - one legged, one armed etc. He's got to be hurting.
Point is the Oilers are playing Smith, Bergeron and four rookies, running their goalie into the ground, getting nothing from the Vaunt and yet, they are still in the mix.
And the grumbling mounts. And mounts.
Believe me, this has been a frustrating season for me as well. But I think a lot of this team's struggles can be traced to figuring out where they are going and that old Stanley Cup hangover (the worst kind - the one that the losing team suffers). And a lot of the anger out there from the Oilogosphere is the same - a hangover that is. Last spring was a magical run. The summer was ugly. And this season has been a struggle. And for fans who are hoping for a return to the promised land and seeing EIG sit on their money and waiting for Lowe to address a need that everyone knew they had when CFP asked out, well, its been tough to take.
I'm not happy with a lot of what has gone on. For the sake of development Hejda, who can so obviously play a role, sat while less deserving players played. Yet to try and win Roloson has been played into the ground and veterans like Sykora and Nedved have been given playing time in lieu of young forwards who could use that icetime.
Hemsky gets run game after game and not much happens.
But I still like this team.
Roloson is nuts but there's no questioning the passion there.
Smith has done what he can - man, I wish he could have lifted that Cup last spring. Talk about an everyman.
And there are flashes as they find themselves. Horcoff and Smyth carrying the team Thursday night.
Last night's passion play as Torres and Bergeron and Roy rub guys out and Greene and Roy drop them and then Bergeron does what everyone has been calling for, yes, Bergeron!, and fires Selanne into the net.
They're still in it and I know they need help but if the kid D can hold on for a little longer and Lowe can bring in some help back there ...
You know what the Oilers' record has been in the past nine?
Twelve out of eighteen points. And yes there have been some brutal performances in there. But with what they've got on the back end and all of the doom and gloom surrounding this team.
Get Shaggy and Staios healthy. Bring in a Dman. Or two.
They might not make the second season. But I'm still thinking that if they do, would you want to face them??


hockeygirl said...

Hi. I just wanted to say this is my first visit to your blog. I try to avoid Oil like the plague, it sticks to my sneakers. HOWEVER, you won a teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy piece of my heart with the pictures up. Is it wrong that I like to use "That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age"?

Black Dog said...

Hiya. I think I've been to yours before though - you used to have the pic with you in full equipment in your living room, right?

As for the line you quote.

Classic line. Classic movie.

"Check you later, man."

hockeygirl said...

Yes, yes, I did.

Hmmm... I could go on for days quoting movies I love. Really. Ask Jordi.

So I leave with this:

So, you're not gonna go to law school? What do you wanna do then?

I wanna dance!

Scarlett said...

So you think this team still has a chance after tonight? I sure hope so. But damn, it's hard to watch this team sometimes. Oh Kevin Lowe, pull out the magic wand baby. Make something happen!!!!

Black Dog said...

Apparently they still have a lot of beer.

Steve said...

Wait - people actually saw Wrongfully Accused? Was it on an airplane?

Black Dog said...

Was that what it was called? I just saw the commercials - a one legged one armed etc etc man.