Friday, January 05, 2007

Congrats Lads!

Watching Canada win the World Juniors or at anything for that matter never gets old for me.

I'm a patriot - not like Joyce's "citizen" but I honestly believe we live in the greatest country in the world and that we have no idea how good we have it.

We are lucky to live here.

So today's victory - sweet.

And Jonathan Toews, in the post game interview, saying he thought they played "fucking great" (I think that's what he said) - beauty.

Brings back memories - I think it was '88. Gold medal game against the Russians. New Year's Day. Waking up in my buddy's basement after a night of boozing. Watching the game with my two best friends and seeing Jimmy Waite stand on his head to deny the Reds time and time again. Canada wins thanks to him.

After the game they interview him in the dressing room.

Jimmy's English wasn't all that great.

The interviewer asked the typical inane question - are you happy with your performance or some such thing?

Jimmy - "I think I play a good game, fuck."


Way to go boys.


Scarlett said...

I love when Canada plays Russia in the finals. They're our hockey nemesis and it's more satisfying to beat them than anyone else!

Anonymous said...

I also loved the "fucking great" - priceless!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I caught that swearing too and I let out a big laugh.

That was pure emotion right there.

I watched the first two games but I was travelling during the Germany game and once I missed that one I kinda lost steam. I didn't bother with the game vs Slovakia and then I didn't watch the US game.

I kinda wish I did though because I'm usually down on this tourney given the media coverage but it didn't grate on me this year like it has in some other instances. I dunno, maybe TSN doesn't get as silly about this when it isn't in North America.

Black Dog said...

Without games on at primetime here there is a real drop in media coverage and interest amongst the public although nearly everyone I know caught at least part of the final.

Add to that the fact that the team itself was relatively anonymous and faced very little adversity and you get a ho-hum tourney as well.

Funny because there are a lot of these guys who are going to make the pros I think - there was no Crosby or Phaneuf or any of those guys who they could really hype. Toews was the closest to that.