Friday, December 22, 2006

Obligatory Cliched Oilers' Christmas Wish List Post

Reports of my demise have been exaggerated.

Its not Oilers' fatigue but just general fatigue which has made posts a little less frequent. No slowdown at work this December and with two little ones at home there is never any slowdown there either.

But off now for a few days at least. And my best friend who gets tickets every year for a game or two through his company got a pair for February 17th here in T.O. And having turned 39 yesterday plans for this 40th year include a pilgrimage to Rexall to see the Oilers in their home rink for the first time. Things are looking up.

Anyhow, that old cliche - the sports wish list, Oilers and Oilogosphere style.

For Ryan Smyth, a contract that makes him a lifetime Oiler.

For Shawn Horcoff, some luck around the net.

For Joffrey Lupul, the same. And failing that, a clue on how to contribute when the puck is not finding the back of the net.

For Ales Hemsky, more of the same, only better.

For Petr Sykora, the brains to realize that he's got a good thing going here.

For Jason Smith, some help.

For Ethan Moreau, a speedy recovery.

For Matt Greene, steady improvement.

For Laddy Smid, some more seasoning, maybe even in the minors.

For Raffi Torres, confidence.

For Fernando Pisani, a return of that playoff magic.

For MacT, a couple of reliable Dmen.

For Gary Bettman and Craig Simpson, new careers.

For the Oilers, first place in the Northwest and one more playoff win then last year so the vets who came so close can hoist that Cup!

For Earl Sleek, hopes that this season's playoff highlight will once again be "forcing a game five". Sorry Earl, nothing personal.

For God's team, another year without a Cup, to make it an even 40.

For Lowetide, a long and successful Oilers' career for Marc Antoine Pouliot.

For the lads at CinO, some more time in their days - I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that their days of regular posting are missed.

For Vic Ferrari, a poster of Marc Andre Bergeron for his bedroom ;).

For Mudcrutch, a championship for Merv.

For Andy Grabia a box with Craig Simpson's head in it, followed by a relatively painless labour when he gives birth to Fernando Pisani's lovechild.

For Loxy, Marty Reasoner, wearing a mic. And nothing else.

For the Prez, tickets to Yaroslavl.

For Alana, Dwayne Roloson, wearing just his helmet. As we know, this will pop off when things get hot and bothered.

And for anyone I forgot and for anyone who is reading this, best wishes for a great Christmas and for a healthy and happy 2007!


And Goilers!


Loxy said...

My boyfriend is already jealous of Marty. But hopefully santa will be extra good to me this year.

Happy Holiday!

SweatyO said...

For Chris Pronger: The same thing his buddy Peca got (but didn't deserve).

For everyone else: health, happiness, and one more playoff win for the Oilers in 2007 than they got in 2006.

mudcrutch79 said...

9-2 at the break Pat. The Merv is coming...and we're bringing hell with us.

(Or, a goalie who's really good and enough goals a game to get by)

Andy said...

Are you sure you aren't Warren Kinsella? That boy bears a striking resemblence.

Merry Christmas, Pat!

She said...

Happy belated birthday. I also turned thirty-nine last week. Still laughing about it- how the hell did that happen?

Hope your Christmas was a happy one. Maybe a few of the Oilers got some of the stuff on your list.

Oh- your kids are beautiful!

Black Dog said...

That's funny Andy, my milkman's name is Warren Kinsella.

Wait a second!

Thanks, she. They are also as wild as a pack of sleddogs. Lots of fun.

As for 39 - how the hell did that happen is a perfect way to put it.

Not Capsule, Tyler - we are a perfectly mediocre 4-4-4. Very Oiler like - if its not one thing its another. Did you guys get a chance to play at Rexall a few weeks back?

mike w said...

Thanks for the wishes.

Your kids are adorable little munchkins, btw.

Oh, and if you score extra tickets to the Oilers/Leafs matchup I'm more than willing to be your new best friend.