Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Loving Raffi (Not the Way Maguire loves Stoll though)

The "Heart of the Oilers", Joanne Ireland calls him today in the Journal.
Its stretches like these that make you so very happy while also trying your patience.
2G 4A +8 in the last five games.
11 points in the last 11 games.
Pumped big Shea Weber's melon last night.
This from a guy who was beyond invisible for, what, the first two months of the season almost.
Its funny because whenever trade talk is going on and someone mentions Torres' name someone else always pops up and says that he has no value and he's worthless etc etc. And then he goes on a tear like this and he's one of the Oilers' best players and you know rival GMs are salivating but there's no damn way you can trade him because he's producing and he's playing tough minutes and he's a physical force out there. With Smyth and Hemsky out he and Stoll and Pisani have responded and done their jobs.
And in February we'll be wondering where he's disappeared to again.
Anyhow, I've ranted and raved about the guy, called him a weirdo, etc etc but in the end its times like these that make me terrified to move the guy. Because when he is bad he's rotten but when he's good he's awesome. Too bad we can't bottle those good times.
If he only had a brain.


Andy said...

Maguire has already moved on. Did you see him attempting to dry hump Sidney Crosby last night?

Mr DeBakey said...

What Maguire does is called
Serial Monagahockey