Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Here's Horcoff explaining how he cured polio.
Some wag on the game thread over at Tyler's site said last night that after the game Horcoff was going to fly the plane back to Alberta. Of course someone else replied that it wasn't necessary as Roloson had the gig.
A slow start with some bad luck in a lot of cases this season but the Canucks saw a lot of Horcoff last night and they came out the worse for wear. Over eight minutes in the first period and over twenty for the game, dragging Lupul around with him on top of everything. Draws. PK. PP.
MacT is going to ride this horse until he drops, I think.
Good start to a two or three week period where this team has to stay afloat. And they will if they come out like they did last night. What peeves me off though? Lupul with a little edge, scoring a beauty goal. Torres looking mean. Stoll hitting guys. And all of them talking how they have to step it up. Uh, yeah, no shit. Maybe if you had started the season by "stepping it up" the Oilers wouldn't have half the conference nipping at their heels.
Still a little bitter. But Horc makes me smile. Look at the mug on that guy.


namflashback said...

Yeah, what was it about the goal of "winning the NW division title" that seemed to infer you could just coast and ride on Smyth, Hemsky and that new Czech guy.

You would think that 24 playoff games would-a-taught them. Grrr.

Anyway, listening to Lupul in the post-game tunnel has to remind us that . . . some hockey players are really not that smart. (you can get a better response out of some of the toys made for toddlers these days) Figuring out the obvious, is just not that obvious for some of these guys.

Staffer on the local talk radio always accuses MacT of taking a shining to "guys he identifies with" such as Horcoff, Reasoner, and now Peterson. I think MacT likes these college guys because they are probably more intelligent. "No Raffi, stand and wait for the puck HERE."

kinger said...

It's hard not to cheer for a guy like Horc.

Earl Sleek said...

Oh, I should have put out a bigger warning when you guys got Lupul... worst interview ever.

It's like he's just trying to remember and regurgitate the last thing the coach told him, no matter what the question is. Incredibly dull, even for a robot NHLer.

Black Dog said...

I would agree with that Earl but for one interview I saw with him in the preseason - they asked him who his favourite Oiler was growing up.

Big smile.

"Craig MacTavish."

Yeah, nam, I hate those smart hard working guys who can contribute in their own end, or in Horc's case, at both ends of the rink.

Alana said...

Horc is so cute! Look at that smile!