Friday, December 15, 2006

Four Words You Will Never Hear Again

Beautiful Goal Matt Greene.
Seriously, I will be 95 years old in some home pretending that I have no bladder control in an attempt to get the nurse to wipe me down and my grandson will come in and say "grampie, what is the most memorable first goal you ever saw a player score in the NHL?" and I will say "Matt Greene".
The incongruous inconguity of seeing him dart down the boards, swerve towards the net and finesse that puck into the net. What a laugh.
Another big game from Stoll and everyone is lining up behind Pierre Maguire to soap up Jarret and the man himself says "Yeah earlier in the year I was playing a little soft". Uh, buddy, keep it to yourself. Thanks for coming out and you are playing some pretty damn good hockey now but that's coming pretty close to the outskirts of Arnottville there. At least you recognize it and are doing something about it.
Reports say that Smytty may get in a game or two before Christmas and Hemsky is likely in the same boat - so can Stoll and Torres and Pisani for that matter keep their shit together when those two return - lets hope so.
And one last thing, one dandy goal is one thing. But add Horcoff's in there and the fact that the Oilers beat Wild on Jack Lemaire to move into sole possession of first and it was a fun night.


pete said...

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SweatyO said...

Ok, the look on Stoll's face when he scored the winner was priceless. It's like he had a moment of clairvoyance:

"I'm Jarret Stoll. I just scored the winning goal, I'm playing like a man-possessed for a division leading NHL team, AND I'm banging a supermodel who's old enough to be my mom. Oh, and I'm a MONSTER!"


Kyle said...

As good as Stoll's goal was, I just loved Horcoff's. He tracked that D-man down, took the puck from him and barged through the D to undress Manny. He so WANTED that goal. Maybe this turns the tide for him.

Black Dog said...

Horc's would be goal of the year if it weren't for Greene's.

I saw the ticker and it said Greene scored and my first reaction was "When did they acquire Josh Green and why did they misspell his name?" And then I figured it was a 10 deflections through a screen.

Instead - Bobby Orr redux.