Friday, December 29, 2006

Cogliano and Longweiner

Winding down 2006 here at work watching Canada and Germany playing at the WJC. I'm sure Lowetide will have a review of Andrew Cogliano's play later today but from what I have seen the kid looks like a keeper. Great speed, as we all have heard. Good playmaker.
Around the net he's looking a lot like Todd Marchant or maybe Shawn Horcoff? Two straight shifts at ES he and his linemates dominated.On each shift he had a chance right in front of the net. First he fired it into the goalie (in fairness the German goalie is pretty damn good-its 1-1 at this point); then he rang one off of the post.
I'd take Horcoff Jr. or Marchant with those playmaking skills though.
Just picked up his second assist.
Sounds like Maguire is getting aroused. If the kid ever rooms with Stoll they had better make sure their doors and windows are locked at all time or they might get a "Pierre Surprise".
Interesting as the Oilers slide a little (and of course they are still very much in it) - the big club needs two veteran defencemen likely. Lowetide has a list of potential chips that Lowe might use, one of these being Schremp.
As Cogliano gets stoned once again by the German keeper I'm thinking this kid is likely going nowhere, despite having Horcoff hands, at least for today. ;)
Longweiner is a German player by the way - nothing to do with Maguire.
Enjoy the last weekend of 2006, everybody!

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