Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Two Down, One to Go

The Hamilton Spectator has the scoop on Staios signing, as was previously rumoured, for four years. The number - less then the 3M per that was being kicked around - 2.7M per in cap space, although like Ethan Moreau, Staios will be getting some sort of bonus up front apparently.
Former Sudbury Wolves' captain Staios has gotten better with age and is one of that leadership core, along with Smith, Smyth and Moreau, that has been together for a while. He has done a a fine job bringing along Laddy Smid and will likely get a chance to tutor some other youngsters in the years to come.
A good signing, imo. He was likely going to get the same or more elsewhere and its not like this team is loaded with experienced D. Considering how many guys have gone elsewhere over the years its nice to keep the veteran stalwarts like him and Moreau.
Continues the trend that we saw last year where many impending UFA resign with their current squads before summer comes. Hopefully one Ryan Smyth is next on Lowe's list.


Grace said...

If Ryan Smyth isn't next I'm going to start a petition. People have been harping about Smyth's age (30) and yet Staios is 33 and this deal will make him 37 when it expires. Smyth has 3 years, plays the same style as Chelios who should be dead, let alone eligible for pension.

Vic Ferrari said...

Ya, a good signing. This should set the benchamark for Jason Smith as well when his contract comes due 18 months from now. And it is extremely unlikelt they'll sign a UFA to more coin than this unless they are an established star.