Sunday, November 19, 2006

Slump Busting

So at the quarter pole the Oilers are in the mix despite a thin D that had many picking them to finish way down the line, a PP that licks more bag then, well, I don't think anything licks more bag then the PP that helped cost the Oilers the SC (ofer in G4 and G7) and an offence that has not yet reached "vaunt" status.
But Roli has been terrific and Smyth and Sykora have done the job offensively and as a team they seem to be turning the corner a little. Took five points out of ten on their last road trip. Horcoff is coming around. Lupul might be snapping out of it and Torres, Torres!, had himself a big game last night. The weirdest thing I've ever seen, that shootout "move". And in his abbreviated post game interview he just looked, well, crazy. Lupul looked uncomfortable. Torres looked beyond uncomfortable. He looked like he was about to jump out of his skin.
Sign Smytty. Play Torres 30 minutes a game if you have to so he begins to put up some numbers. And trade him. Before he murders his roomie on the next roadtrip.
So two games into a seven game homestand and the Oilers are making hay. Four points. MAB had a big game against the Blues. Hemsky too. Pisani scored. And then last night Lupul, Torres and Horcoff. These next five games could give the Oilers a nice cushion over some of the also rans but more importantly long term it could get some guys going. With a couple more patsies amongst the visitors as well as a chance to give some guys who have been struggling some easier minutes we might see some guys get rolling.
Jacques finally sent down tonight after wasting a quarter season of his development. Nobody announced as his replacement yet but it will be interesting to see who gets the call. Peterson has been ok but I could see him coming out and someone else getting a shot with the Czechs. Maybe Thoresen or Winchester or maybe whoever the lucky youngster coming up gets a crack at it.
My money is on Pouliot. As long as they plan on playing him, bring him up. If he's sitting in the pressbox, then call up Stortini.

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