Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Over It

Chris Pronger was estranged from his family for most of last season.
Despite this he was an absolute and complete professional all season and led the Oilers within a bounce or two of taking the Cup.
Could he have handled his departure better? Sure. A press conference would have done it. Even a simple "I loved it here but for personal reasons I have to move on." would have made a big difference.
I was disappointed that he chose to leave but family comes first and I cannot blame him for choosing his wife and children over playing for the Oilers.
What would you have had him do?


namflashback said...

Wouldn't want him to make a choice. He has two young children who deserve that.

He should have had that press conference message, even pre-taped and left with his agent. "I loved the hockey, we tried to make it work, I had every intention of making the 5 year contract work here, but for personal reasons . . ." would have done it.

The media, to their discredit, jumped on the dogpile. Evidence is that they made it sound like players such as Peca and Dvorak "left us" when no attempt to retain was ever made. The media filled the information gap with that crap, which pokes extra sharp at the psyche in this town.

So the "collective fan" as represented by the message boards and blogosphere filled the information gap.

Results are what we have seen.

The most annoying thing is that it probably threw Lowe's plan for a pretty big loop. You can see that plan working for the Ducks. You can break alot of green forwards in with almost no negative exposure with your third pair on D.

grace said...

Man you men are a bunch of p*ssies. Suck it up!

How about a little:

1. honesty;
2. integrity;
3. compassion;
4. backbone.

Pronger displayed none of these in dealing with the fans.

It's easy to sit back and say, "Oh as a father and husband I understand this."

As a WOMAN, I can say if my man was making 6 million dollars a year and we had to live in timbuktu for 6 months of it, I'd spend my time in my solar panelled house with satellite watching Oprah and drinking cristal than "demand" a trade "or else". Love is a two way street. The vows say, "love and respect" it's not just one-way.

And, again, at this point, we don't know WHY he left so you're all just projecting what you'd do if it were him.

I honestly don't believe your wives are prima donnas used to getting their own way all the time either so stop the transference and making excuses.

Black Dog said...

Sure you would Grace. But now you're projecting, right?

If I were paid 6M a year I could say I'll do this and do that but I'm not.

Lauren Pronger is a socialite from a very wealthy family who is probably used to getting her own way (case in point, right?)

Should Pronger have said this is the way it is - I signed a contract and we're staying - maybe he did.

And his wife left with the kids. That is a fact. Was it the reason he demanded a trade? 2 plus 2 equals 4. He's with them now, no?

Is his wife a spoiled brat? Yep. And my wife, as an example, would likely never do such a thing. Then again she grew up in a middle class small town home, just as I did.

Lauren Pronger did not.

Now, I agree, Chris Pronger could have handled his departure better - I've always said that.

And he's the guy who has to live with the fact that his wife basically took their kids away from him for eight months.

Probably a pretty shitty feeling for him. Oh, my wife's a bitch.

But you know what - as a father I do understand it - there is no choice in the matter. I couldn't care less what people called me - pussy, dishonest, whatever - if it came down to my kids or my reputation - there is no choice.

grace said...

I'm saying any reasonable person would. Not just me. That's not projecting, that's fact.

There are choices in the matter. I'm just pointing them out.

Put it in perspective. Look at how many of our soldiers are out in Afghanistan fighting for longer than six months. People are away from their families in less stellar conditions than Pronger was with his. We don't know if she took the kids in left, we just know she wasn't living in Edmonton the full season. Beyond that it's everyone's own opinion on what happened.

Again, you're projecting a scenario into a situation that you know nothing about, which is my point in the matter.

We don't know what happened. We never will, so we pick the scenario that is most likely to use and try figure out what we'd do.

Hence my answer to your question on what pronger should have done.

Julian said...

I think I agree with you on how Pronger had to make the decision he did, and that leaves me thinking that the wife is the one behind it all. I mean, he signed a contract for five years, then gave up on it eleven months later. Somewhere along the line, something went wrong. On his end, not the Oilers end.

In my eyes, his wife comes off looking worse than he does, though the way he handled it was obviously pretty poor.

Black Dog said...

Julian - Yep he handled it pretty poorly alright, probably could not have handled it any worse, really.

Grace - Lauren Pronger and the kids lived in Edmonton until November and then left. And they may have come back for a day or two - I do not know that - but Ryan Smyth said last month that Pronger was not with his family for nearly the entire season.

Granted people are separated from their families all of the time and probably 99.99% of them in poorer conditions then Pronger. Difference is a sergeant with the Princess Pats in Afghanistan can't go to his C.O. and request a trade. Nor can a salesman who travels - he may look for another line of work and the sergeant may get out once he can but Chris Pronger, rightly or wrongly, had the power to get out of his situation and he used it. And as I said I don't blame him for that.

Of course we could then get into the fact that a pro athlete can make millions of dollars a year while a nurse or firefighter makes peanuts comparitively but thats the way it is, I guess.

Anyhow, I will grant you that I am guessing but I think that if we were to know the truth that would be it.

His wife - rich spoiled brat

Him - arrogant and not really media savvy

But they live in a different world from you and me - I owuld bet nobody has said no to Lauren (due to wealth/social status) or Chris (athletic ability/resulting wealth) since they were about twelve years old

Doogie said...

I've pretty much reached the same conclusion. Sacrifice the marriage and any chance to see the kids for more than three months of the year, or try to find a situation that works better. And really, would being there in Edmonton when the shit hit the fan have made that much of a difference? Maybe to some, but not enough to prevent the rumour mill from working its magic. I mean, come on. We were going to feel betrayed and rag on him no matter what. Honestly, I think Al Strachan has as much to do with this as anything, but then I've always thought Strachan was a cockbag, anyway.

Black Dog said...

Agreed on Strachan doogie.

matt said...

Assuming that LP snatched the kids, I'd be tempted to tell CP: a. hire a damn good lawyer, b. snatch the kids back, c. move your mom to E-town to live with the kids, d. lavish them all with cash, e. take photos for the family court judge of grandma and the kids doing good things with said cash, f. spend the 15 min. it would take for a hockey god in E-town to get a better wife. Or just puck bunnies.

I mean, really, I accept that "my marriage is disintegrating" as a bona fide reason to leave, with the caveat that it be communicated honestly and respectfully.

But the logical response to "my wife kidnapped my children in a game of brinksmanship" is not "submit." I wonder if Anaheim divorce lawyers are sending both of them unsolicited letters.

Achtungbaby said...

It's the way he snuck out the back door with little explanation besides his agent spilling the beans that was crappy about it all.

I guess this is what most females define as getting closure. No wonder guys were pissed. We're not ready to deal with such emotions.

Even your proclaimation with this post came almost half a year after Pronger decided to move on. It was hard on everyone except Pronger who continues deny that anything bad really happened.

Black Dog said...

matt - agreed on your idea of what is logical but as I said earlier LP probably has never had anyone say no to her

including her husband

its a different world that she has always lived in and CP could hire a lawyer etc but who ends up with the kids? LP

achtung - its not you, its me

uni said...

I completely agree with BD. Grace I know you're upset, but soldiers being deployed have no say in where they will be deployed, and it's not like they've had their kids taken away from them.

CP basically seemed to have his kids held hostage. As much as you dislike the horrible way he handled the media I really have no problem with his decision and I find it hard to hate the man, and we all know we still wish he was on the blueline.

If anything I've hated his wife from day 1 of the trade request going public, right or not, and to me Lauren is the real boogieman.

That said, who knows, maybe Lupul turns it around and becomes a more complete player or gets traded for a bluechip in a package. Those 2 high draft picks become stars. And this is BD 'blueskying' type of best case scenario, but maybe Smid becomes the next Lidstrom.

Black Dog said...

wow uni, that is blue sky for sure - actually this will be one of those trades where we might not know the return for a while

I think Smid is a keeper for sure - all of the bs about him playing 30 minutes etc - the truth is he is a 20 yr old dman; he makes mistakes and ideally he would be in the minors or playing in the thid pair - of course ideally Horc and Smyth would be on the 2nd line etc etc - anyhow I think the kid was a nice pickup and in 09 he will likely be a difference maker - as for Lupul the jury is still out but despite all of the grumbling he is on pace for @ 28 goals or so again - ideally CP would still be an Oiler and ideally Lowe would not have had a gun to his head but what the hell are you going to do?

I'd rather talk about Pouliot, Greene and Thoresen to be honest

Anonymous said...

"What would you have him do?" Are you serious? If you're going to be stupid enough to cheat on your wife, the least you could do is wear a condom. Oh, let me guess, it broke?! Right. He has two young boys; he sure wasn't thinking of them when he was screwing around. The only person he was thinking about was himself.