Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hot Stove

If you've ever seen the older 22 Minutes with Colin Mochrie on it you will have seen his takeoff of the old CBC footage - black and white, interviewer smoking (and of course if you have seen any old CBC footage everyone's smoking) - its some pretty funny shit.
Canadians are pretty fucking funny but the weirdest thing - the funniest people in this country may be from ... Saskatchewan?
Anyhow, watching HNIC tonight and of course they had the Hot Stove with The Hat, Scott Morrison and Pierre LeBrun. Not a bad panel. I miss Strachan a bit - the guy was just such a complete asshole. And of course he had his little feuds with everyone but especially Brian Burke. I would give a lot of money if CBC could have sent those two back in a time machine to the 50s. Strachan having a smoke, needling Burke about never winning anything, Burke putting his big cigar down and beating Strachan to death with a chair.
Anyhow, so they discussed the Oilers tonight and the Hat, who regular passers by know I love, says that the Oilers will likely offer Smyth 4 to 5 years but they're going to try and bring him in under 5M per. He feels this may be a problem as Smyth will likely be looking for 5 and a bit. And everyone felt the Oil would be shortchanging Smyth - ie, he better get 5 per and the Oil had better sign him. Anyhow, the Hat described the situation as one that would likely get done but that it would be more problematic then getting Sykora signed!!
Ok, so colour me "what the fuck?" because I have always thought that Sykora was just passing through and I think that is the general consensus but Duhatschek figures there is a desire on both sides to make it happen come 2007. So we'll see.
Now by my count if Smyth signs for 5 per and Torres re-ups for 2 per (and who knows really) and Tjarnqvist walks (likely) then this team is looking at @ 41+ in Cap space. And if Sykora commands 3 or 4 then that means Torres and Stoll are going going gone I would say. Or maybe our boy Joffrey?
I guess that's how they would rebuild the D. Also noted by the Hat - the kids in Chicago that are coveted by the Oilogosphere - Keith and Seabrook. He called them guys who could be linchpins for that team for years to come and figures they would never be moved. Of course we know the Hawks are beyond stupid so likely we'll get both for Winchester or something.
Just thinking about it - I have to go take a cold shower.
OK, I'm back. LT is doing is usual terrific work as he analyzes the top Oilers' prospects. From his top twenty from this summer Greene, Winchester and Thoresen have all graduated and I think we're about to see some more of the lads. Lowetide got me thinking, which is what he does and why he is, imo, one of the best in the blogosphere, period and so, surfing tonight after I got the kids to bed (wife is working nights this weekend), Gritstone in hand, I went prospecting.
I'm sure if you're a diehard you know this site but check it out if you want to keep up to date on what the top Oilers' minor league prospects are doing. There are the usual links including tonight's game action.
Now we don't know what type of minutes these guys are getting and, sure its the minors, but you know what, hats off to Kevin Lowe and his scouts because here's what we have going on:
Pouliot - 17GP 7-9-16 minus 3
Schremp - 17GP 4-11-15 plus 2
Gilbert - 16GP 2-10-12 plus 4
Brodziak - 18GP 4-7-11 minus 2
Mikhnov - 9GP 3-5-8 minus 2
Jacques - 3GP 2-2-4 minus 1
DesLauriers - 9GP 7 wins 2 losses 2.31 GAA .907 S%
This is up to the minute apparently as it includes tonight's stats of a game in progress. In the second of a back to back the baby Pens were up 5-1; its now 5-5. DesLauriers is not playing but Mikhnov has 2 goals and an assist, Gilbert and Pouliot have two assists each and Jacques has scored as well.
Schremp sat last night but is playing tonight - he is a minus 1.
Anyhow as we all know not all of these guys are going to make it but its encouraging to see.


Julian said...

Pat :

Sykora had wanted to sign a 3 yr deal back in the summer, i'm guessing Lowe went with one year to ensure some flexibility next summer.

He's said repeatedly that he wants to come back though and stick around, so...

I can't help but think that if Sykora puts up some huge numbers, a healthy distance ahead of his standard seasonal numbers, Lowe could get sucked into paying big money for him (esp if Smyth leaves, though I'd think they'll do Smyth's contract first, or at least figure out if he's gonna check the FA market) based on an fluke year year, and then he'd return to playing at his usual pace later on.

Anyway, Sykora's contract negotiations with Edm will be linked directly to what's going on with Smyth. I'm really not sure I see room for both of them.

Black Dog said...

Hey Julian - how's Taiwan?

Sykora has definitely said all of the right things about wanting to stay.

I like the guy a lot - he was a terrific player back with the Devils and I think Anaheim was not a great fit for him plus he had some injuries I believe. When he went over to the NYR I think he produced at @ PPG - again this is what I recall and my memory is iffy so I may be wrong.

If Torres gets @ 2M, Smyth gets 5M and they have a bargain basement D then I think they come in around 40M or so which means - well you can do the math - to keep Sykora they would have to move two of Stoll, Lupul and Torres to get back to @ 40M (presuming thats what their budget is).

Plus of that is they probably get a couple decent young D moving those guys.

But is this the real Sykora or Sykora playing for that nice final deal?

Guy is pure skill though - just a sniper - imagine him instead of Samsonov last spring. I know, I know - might of, could have.

Agreed that they will likely try and get Smyth wrapped up next - here's hoping.

uni said...

I just wish that Lowe could get back that 500K from Pisani, 200K from Moreau, and maybe 200K from Staios. All those little overpays in those contracts add up to good bit of wiggle room under the budget.

But what do I know about the intricacies of NHL player contracts and their negotiations. Sure would be nice if Sykora stuck around for 3 mil for 3 years and they got Smyth signed for 4.7/4 by some miracle though.

Julian said...

Taiwan's pretty decent. I got to play ice hockey last thursday up in Taipai (about 5 hours from where I actually am) with some guys who play up there and offered to hook me up with equipment and the like. Very good guys, I had a real blast. If I should continue to do this again next year, i'll probably look at moving to Taipei mostly for the ice, soft as it was. They've got a league and everything (
Played road hockey too with some guys here who play once a week. Right on the ocean, as in, if you go a little too high over the net behind the roller rink, you'll actaully put it in the ocean. It happened twice on saturday. There's a joke about putting the puck in the ocean if you were standing on the shore in there somewhere.

Anyway, i still get to watch the Oilers out here for the most part, so I can't really complain. TVU is a godsend, as is the rest of the internet.

I do wish i could have participated in the oilogosphere road hockey game in Toronto though. Some things just can't be replaced.

Black Dog said...

Well, its good to hear things are going well.

There's a Radek Dvorak joke in there somewhere - the puck in the ocean thing I mean.

I missed the road hockey game as well - was on kids' duty - but I'm getting on the ice myself a couple of times a week so I can't complain.

Take it easy and I'm sure I will "see" you around.

Scarlett said...

They won't have to worry about shelling out 2 million for Torres. That boy is getting trade sometime this year. I'd like them to resign Sykora too. But I'm not sure they can afford him and Smyth. Plus, there is cheaper options in the minors, and our depth is incredible. So we can live without Sykora.

Black Dog said...

I don't think they trade Torres until they sign Smyth, Scarlett. If they did then who plays left wing next season if Smyth leaves?

I always thought Sykora was here and gone but if Stoll doesn't get it together I could see him moving, Sykora getting resigned and then our centres being Horcoff, Sykora, Reasoner, Pouliot

Art Vandelay said...

I realize Lowe was stupid enough to throw money at plugs like Pisani and Moreau (that'll go down as the worst signing in Oilers history), but even he must realize the Raffi Isbister isn't worth anything. While he's got a shred of market value, trade him to the Hawks for Vandermeer (realistic trade, Alberta boy).

Black Dog said...

problem is art does he have any market value now?

best time to trade Torres was last summer (hindsight being 20/20), coming off of a 27 goal season, few of those on the PP and a decent playoff where he showed he could lay waste to opponents with physical play

so now, does Lowe dump him for little return or does he hold on to him hoping he gets his head together and then dump him or hold onto him until he sees what Smyth does and then dump him or keep him

LW is looking pretty thin if Smyth leaves