Sunday, October 15, 2006

Vic, Is That What You Mean By High Event?

Marc Andre Bergeron - 8 minutes and 24 seconds of even strength icetime
Matt Greene - 8 minutes and 22 seconds of even strength icetime

On the ice for four goals, three of those against.

Don't go to the fridge when these guys are out there.

I played hockey twice last night myself and didn't bother taping the game so these comments are based on highlights and just general themes. I welcome any correction to what I'm about to say.

Four games is a pretty small sample but I would say Bergeron is going to begin to feel the heat pretty soon. From what I could see he left Wolski wide open in the slot on his goal. And on Arneson's goal he allowed a guy who hadn't scored since February, a guy just trying to resurrect what looked to be a promising career, well, he allowed that guy to leave him flailing helplessly.

I'm a fan of Matt Greene (still no minors this season - has he learned his lesson) so I may be letting that get in the way here but imo he was fine on both goals. He had his man in both cases.

I wonder if we see Jan Hejda anytime soon?

Now that two lines are rolling (and on one drive to the net did Hemsky ever remind me of Hossa - different player obviously but just explosive acceleration; Ales has come into his own), it would be nice to see that third line get untracked. Noted five shots for Moreau and three for Pisani and I'd sure like to know how they looked last night - they're playing the tough minutes and getting bitten in the arse in the +/- - are they doing alright out there?

39 saves for Roloson and a .920 save % thus far. I'd venture if this was last season that might have been a loss. The save on Brisebois was a beauty.

Shaggy sure eats up the minutes, huh? And he adds a little to the offence too.

Laddy Smid is alright by me so far.

A few more shifts for Thoresen including a shift on the PK. The fact that he was over 7 minutes of ice while Winchester was at a minute and a bit says it all. I guess you don't change a winning hand but I would say the next loss sees Winny come out - nothing against the guy but the fourth line role is not one that fits him - they should get someone in there who can give them more minutes.

Only four minors. That's more like it.

The PP goal was a thing of beauty.

From what little I have read Lupul had a more complete game tonight, some good work along the boards and on the backcheck. Lets hope its a sign of things to come.

Home and home against the Canucks. If they can make some hay (and yes yes its early) they could open up a little gap there.

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