Friday, October 06, 2006

Tjarnqvist On Pace For 80 Goal Season!

Suffering from a case of jetlag so bad that I actually did not watch last night's game. I know. I know. I'll turn in my Edmonton Oilers' Pajamas immediately. (I actually own three pairs, including a summer pair. God Bless my Mom, who has bought me a pair for Christmas each of the last three years after I asked for "Edmonton Oilers' stuff" for Christmas a while back. I don't wear pajamas but they make for great lounging around, watching the game and occasionally, walking the dog, duds.)

Odds and sods from someone who was away for a week and likely will be entering rehab soon to dry out after many pints across the pond.

- why dress Brad Winchester and then give him LeGG like numbers; seriously, if your fourth line guys cannot even contribute on the PK, then what's the point? Might as well dress 11 forwards. Either play him or sit him in the PB. Trade him for a 9th round pick. Waive him. This is not Winny hating - I could care less about the guy. Its just if he's not going to play then dress someone who you are comfortable with putting on the ice in some situation

- sounds like the Oilers played a playoff type game last night and this brings up a theory of mine which I bandied about at one point this summer - if the Oilers bring it on the PK, play, well, not a trap, but a responsible defensive game, then the D is going to look a lot better then they are on paper, and this team is going to make some hay - I think this team (including the coaches) learned a lot in the playoffs and if they can apply some of it in the regular season, well, things are going to be fine

- Sykora and Hemsky have some chemistry and Raffi Torres is going to benefit in a huge way, and in his contract year, no less

- surprised that MAP and Peterson were both sent down; Peterson strikes me as being a good guy to keep around as "the odd man out" so to speak and MAP, to me, fits the 4th line role; I understand the Mikhnov decision and JFJ for that matter; it doesn't really matter - I'm sure we will see both guys within a month or so anyhow

- reading a comment in a thread elsewhere about both MAP and Gilbert not seeing a lot of icetime in their debuts in the minors - I haven't really weighed in on the whole Oiler Prospect Diaspora but I really don't like it and I hope it doesn't mean a wasted year for a lot of these kids - I hope they get their shit together on this next year - at least share a team for Chrissake

- if you're ever in England, even if you aren't a soccer fan, if you can get tickets, try and get to a game - what a fun experience it is!

- any win is a good win, as far as I am concerned, but last night sounds like a fine piece of work, especially considering the opposition - lets hope the Oilers can pick up another two points Saturday night

- ok, up at 4am this morning and our daughter, who was terrific while we were away, is now punishing us, up from 11pm until 1am last night, up again at 5:30 - man, I need some sleep; I have no idea if this post even makes any sense


Anonymous said...

I like this year's AHL arrangement better than sharing a franchise because splitting the minutes leftover by the primary NHL club a dozen ways on a single AHL franchise is not good enough. Our prospects are going to get better access to quality minutes this way, and the chance to see tougher minutes. The burden this year is on the development staff and scouts to compensate for putting the prospects in less-than-ideal situations, which is better than putting it on the prospects. Goalies are still screwed though.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Well, I've seen both sides of the argument and there's one big problem right there - the goalies.

I understand your point for sure but who ensures Gilbert sees those minutes? Pouliot? Etc.

Plus I like the idea of guys growing up in an Oilers' system. I guess what I am saying is I would prefer that they have their own franchise, if I think about it. That would be the ideal and while it can be argued that you don't need it I'm not convinced.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, their own affiliate is the best solution of all, but that option is not available this year.

Sharing does not solve the goalie problem, at least not how the Habs "shared" with us last year. No difference at all imo.

Minutes are more important than any of the intangibles to do with the system.

The prospects themselves earn the minutes, like MAP did last season. This year, our guys are not fighting as much with each other in addition to the other NHL teams' prospects.