Thursday, October 12, 2006

They Be A Comin'

Its early. While its better to be 3 and 0, like San Jose, then have 1 point out of four games, like the Hurricanes, it doesn't matter. Remember the Oilers' seven game winless streak early last year?

Having said that, I picked the Sharks to represent the West in the Cup this season. They are the youngest team in the league, they have a whack of salary cap room, even with the Jersey trade and they are motivated by close calls in the playoffs the last two seasons.

They have a three year window before Marleau and Thornton are UFAs.

They scare me.

Two lines that can score and score in a big way. While Cheechoo has not yet gotten untracked, Raffi Torres' victim Milan Michalek has three goals in three games already. Without big acquisition Mark Bell in the lineup the Sharks ran roughshod over the Flames the other night.

And rookie Dman Matt Carle is making people forget Tom Preissing already.

Tonight the revamped Oilers' D gets to face a big, fast squad with a whack of talent. There will be no hiding Laddy Smid against this team.

A big test.


Anonymous said...

Shaggy has a hip flexor thing and has missed a couple of practices - may see Hejda too. (If I was to actually spend a dime on pay-per-view - Saturday will be soon enough.)


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I have a feeling, its just a feeling, that this could be ugly.

San Jose is going to try and send a message.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

website says shaggy is in

Anonymous said...

1st intermission. good start fizzled out and SJ got everything going for them. choochoo looks like he's gonna score 10 tonight. Oil got average O & D, sloppy nuetral zone play. 4th Line got 3~4min out there. ppv intermission and commercial break time blows. mark shultz was in the oilers store blabbering into a dead mic and the camera guy went for a walk in the store, leaving mark shultz's voice echoing off the roof.... predict 4-2 sharks. and morley scott is buying me hard liquor.

Anonymous said...

third period.. its already 4-2 sharks... time to add to my original prediction. 5-4 SJ in ot - oil passing isnt clean and lack of urgency across the board. its spits and spouts folks. but sharks are wearing out... too little too late tho.

She said...

Wheeeee! It's the 80's all over again.

Five unanswered goals and a natural hattrick for Smyth -including his 500th point AND new Oiler record for the fastest 3 goal performance.

It's a great time to be a fan.