Friday, October 13, 2006

Sometimes You Get The Bear

Had dinner out last night with my wife's cousin and his wife - had a few pints of Oatmeal stout and jigged home along the Danforth.

Checked on the Interweb and the Oil were up 1-0. Checked a minute later and it was 2-1 Sharks.

Where is that vaunted offence, I thought?

Woke up this morning to one of those 6-4 wins we figured we would see a lot of this season.

Haven't seen the highlights or read much except the TSN site stuff but some notes, many quite obvious.

- while I'm not planning a parade yet - 2 and 1 after two against the Lames and one against the Sharks is a nice start; 3 and 0 would be better but the fact that for a bounce here or there they would be 3 and 0 makes me feel pretty good

- as has been bandied about quite a bit this team has a deep bunch of forwards and last night it showed with four goals from the 1A line, which only had 1 on the PP prior to this game

- nice to see Thoresen pick up his first goal - not a lot of icetime for him and Winchester last night but good to see a contribution; hope to see him on the PK soon, I think we will

- Laddy Smid was a plus two in what I figured might be a nightmare game for him and that's with 13:14 in EV icetime - haven't seen a shift chart - maybe they ran him out after a lot of those PP but regardless, good for him

- 2 for 4 on the PP - that's a little more like it plus they outscored the Sharks 4 to 1 at EV - that, my friends, is damn good shit

- now for the bad - and this is something that has to stop - not just change, but stop - 10 PP against?? What the hell is that? And as someone who lived in Quinnland for years, I'll tell you its up to MacT to nip this. Hemsky had four penalties? Bench him. Seriously. Now I didn't see the game but when the Sharks have 4 minors and the Oilers have 10, I don't think this is one of those games where the refs called everything going. And note - only 2 calls on D men. And four hooks (2 for Hemsky), a hold and an interference. Note that traditionally notorious penalty takers Horcoff, Moreau and Smyth cleaned up their acts in the spring and seem to have continued so far. Add to that Stoll's clean sheet last night and we're getting somewhere. But this team has got to learn to stay out of the box.

Oh, and Matt Greene got no penalties AGAIN! Good man, Matt!


namflashback said...

Pat - good points - lots of room for improvement, which is just a damn good thing to be able to say when your team wins by imposing itself on the other.

Exceptional resilience shown by the team's leaders -- and it started with Moreau and Pisani having a monster shift on the PK after the Sharks hit 4-1. Moreau almost scored and was able to play keep away with the puck for virtually every shift he had.

I'd complain about a few of the penalties against, but McGeough did give us a gift with a double to McLaren which gave us the 5v3.

- great start, great finish
- greene - very solid when under pressure
- Smid - nice and calm and great assist one of the goals
- Staios - protected his ward well, and 2 assists!!
- Roli - was in tough against the Cheechoo, but made some key stops to prevent it from getting any worse
- Lupul was physical and making things happen
- 14-71-83 never got burned by either the Thornton or Marleau line
- Marleau line held pointless

- icky penalties, lots were frustration driven -- disclaimer Hemsky was getting mauled on the boards and he let it get to him
- the bulletproof PK took a few (Cheechoo is incredibly slippery)

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

nam - thanks for the details - I play hockey tomorrow night myself but will at least be able to tape the game - hard to give any more then a general summary when you don't actually see the game :)

the big issue for this team right now is penalties - if they can clean that up then they become really dangerous

so far so good for Greene and I heard a lot of good things about Smid from last night - if these two can get it done then we need one Dman, not two, and things look a whole lot rosier