Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Now Who?

With the news that Hot-Off champ Ethan Moreau is possibly gone for the season after bitch slapping alleged alcoholic Danny Markov (Moreau is cornering the market on goofy injuries - first basketball, now this, what's next falling through a pane of glass after dreaming of spiders), the question now is - uh, now what?

First of all, thank God for Patrick Thoresen or whatever Grabia is calling him nowadays. (BTW, he is big news back in Oslo et al - check out Uni's translation in the comments - verified by an actual Norwegian Oilers' fan as pretty damn good translating) Thoresen has, with his weird but wonderful come out of nowhere story, solved two problems. He is playing on the second line (wtf) with Hemsky and Sykora (3 assists the other night) and will likely take a lot of Moreau's time on the PK.

Wait a second, I think Moreau just injured himself falling of a bicycle.

Raffi Torres, bumped down the depth chart by Thoresen and his own failure on said line (and that's quite alright - that never seemed like a good fit anyhow) played one game on the fourth line and then took Moreau's spot on the third line with Stoll and Pisani. He immediately picked up his second goal of the year. Remember last year's playoff run when Torres played with Peca and Pisani and he did pretty alright. Well, this might work out ok for all concerned.

So, next question. Who gets called up?

Maybe nobody. Its not like Mikhnov and Jacques have gotten a lot of play - why bring up another kid to sit in the pressbox? With Winchester starting to become a bit of a presence out there (did I just say that?) the likelihood of him coming out lessens.

Mikhnov struggled last night - big surprise. First NHL game and when is the last time he played anyhow? Jacques will draw in this week, maybe tomorrow. He will add some of that physical play lost with Moreau's loss.

This just in - apparently Moreau has a broken heart - Alana may be trying to take his crown on some sort of technicality?
The only issue - do they need someone to come up to take more of that PK time that Moreau ate up? I think they do so we may see Pouliot or Brodziak on the way. Brodziak has rebounded from a camp where he disappeared to have a good start down in the AHL. Maybe he will get his shot.

Schremp - forget it. No point. Let him hone his craft in the minors.

I say, give Jacques a shot. At the very least he'll probably hurt someone.

Maybe that arsehole who plays D for the Ducks.


Wardo said...

Yah, that injury was bizarre. Nothing else you can say about it except, "wtf?"

I like this Thoreson kid. I keep seeing his name, and think, "Thor's son." You can't lose with the SON of THOR on your team, right?


Anonymous said...

I think that Thoresen's rise makes Peterson no longer redundant, and he may be the most ready of all the minor leaguers.

uni said...

I predict that Moreau will be struck my lightning next season while in the basement of his house.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I predict that he will get in a motorcycle accident in his kitchen.