Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Importance of Being Thoresen

I think that your man Patrick Thoresen is married - the caption under the first photo is "FREMTIDEN ER VÅR: Patrick Thoresen var banens beste i opprykksfinalen til A-VM. Etter tapet for Hviterussland søkte han trøst hos datteren Mathilde (13 md.) og samboer Monica. "

I've never been to Oslo but my guess is hos datteren means his daughter. Anyhow, the Hot Oil gang can add him to their list of taken Oilers if they can get someone who speaks Norwegian to confirm.

Either that or he's running to replace Ralph Klein. Keep it up and he's a sure thing, I think.

A few quick thoughts.

1/ Thoresen's jump in icetime in the last two games, both close games against a divisional rival, illustrates a few basic points. The kid has the confidence of the coaching staff. He is playing himself into a larger role on this team. Veterans who aren't pulling their weight had better start to. Raffi Torres has seen his icetime fall off - getting a spot with Hemsky and Sykora has resulted in one goal for the streaky weirdo, one less then the rook.

I think the days of getting icetime because MacT's options were limited are over. And with Mikhnov, Jacques and yes, Winchester, chomping at the bit to move up the depth chart (and with others in the minors as well) guys are going to have to produce or lose icetime. How nice is that for the coaching staff?

2/ The fact that five of twelve forwards don't even have a goal yet and the Oilers are still 4 and 2 is, well, weird? Its heartening but if you had told me in June that the Oilers would have the record they have after six games and that Pisani, Reasoner, Winchester, Stoll, Horcoff, Moreau, and Torres would have as many goals between them as Patrick Thoresen I would have said "who the fuck is Patrick Thoresen?" and "how do all those guys get injured at once?"

3/ While Grabia pines for LeGG (great guy, not so great a player) I, for one, am pleased that we have two thirds of a fourth line who can play more then 30 seconds in a big game. Love LeGG but Thoresen has as many goals already as he did in 72 games last year. And at less then half the price.

4/ Shaggy makes Lowe look like a genius.

5/ Lowe's master plan, if there is such a thing, is working out alright so far. A 4 and 2 record. The two games where opponents put up more then two goals, the offence getting the job done. The only two losses by 2-1 scores. If they can keep it up for, well, say another 30 games or so, then he will be dealing from a position of strength when he bulks up that blueline.

6/ Roloson and Markannen have both done a nice job. What a difference.

7/ MAB played huge minutes last game - MacT doing all he can to give this guy some confidence. I think they stick with him as long as they can but we may see Hejda pretty soon. He played a lot of tough minutes in the preseason - it will be interesting to see what happens when he does draw in. Can't wait.

8/ Same for Mikhnov.

9/Petr Nedved may be back sooner then later - apparently Forsberg has been injured tonight. Things are turning ugly in Philly.

10/ Ottawa with only one goal so far tonight and a shoutout to Earl Sleek with a beauty line in a thread over at Battle of Alberta:

What about the fact that I have as many points this season as Rob Blake and Wade Redden combined? Where's my $6 mil?

He's here all week. Earl Sleek.

He's a funny dude.


Asiaoil said...

Yeah Winchester - 4th year as a pro and I'm tied with him for career NHL regular season goals and I'm only 2 behind in assists :)

Let's just lose this guy already - too many younger better players to develop to waste any more time on this guy.

uni said...

Best I could do was a literal translation:

"FREMTIDEN ER VÅR: Patrick Thoresen var banens beste i opprykksfinalen til A-VM. Etter tapet for Hviterussland søkte han trøst hos datteren Mathilde (13 md.) og samboer Monica."

FUTURE AM Our : Cartridge Thoresen stayed orbit best in opprykksfinalen at FINISH VM. After the missed for Hviterussland searched he consolation at daughter Mathilde md. ) and cohabit Monica.

Cohabit could mean common law wife? So I guess there is hope if any cold hearted ladies out there think they can and would want to steal him away from his girlfriend and devastate his daughter.

Loxy said...

I picked up Thoresen in my hockey pool. It's a really deep one, but I still look like a genius.

Anonymous said...

bdhs - Based on the post below about your dog you are a "funny" dude too.


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

mo - its been said

Loxy - Thoresen will pay for your school this year! Or at least a night on the town

asia - yep - I think this is his visit to JaniRitaville or whatever Lowetide calls it - next stop - somewhere other then here

uni - very impressive - how about the headline for the post on September 23rd?

uni said...

Because you asked nicely, this took a while with a Norwegian to English dictionary and an online translation site. It's paraphrashed. I like how the Norwegians refer to clubs as a her, and used struck instead of beat so I left that. I could be completely off though but this seems to be the gist of the article:

Scoring and Assist for Patrick Thoresen

SOLID Preseason: Patrick Thoresen checking Calgary Flames Mark Giordano on opening night of the NHL season start.
Photo AP/Scanpix

Reporter for Edmonton Oilers.

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Friday 22.09.2006, 13:19
Updated 13:28

Patrick Thoresen continues to impress in the NHL preseason. Tonight he scored and added an assist as the Edmonton Oilers struck the Calgary Flames 4-3. The Norwegian got near 20 minutes on ice, and scored to tie the game at 2-2 after Calgary had owned the lead at 2-0. The 2-1 goal came off a Thoresen assist to Marc-Antoine Pouliot. Shawn Horcoff had the deciding goal at 3:58 minutes in the 4th period [Overtime].

19,289 saw the preseason game at the Pengrowth Saddledome.

Thoresen is struggling for a place in the Oilers lineup for the upcoming season, and he has distinguished himself at crunch time in all the contests for the club so far.

At the club website Thoresen obtained one of the 3 possible stars after the last night's game. It is a good rating, as the only player getting better from the game was [big scorer?] Matthew Lombardi.

Oilers season opener is against the same Calgary Flames on October 5.


uni said...

Cripes, for the photo caption OPPKJØRING threw me off. Nearest I can figure is it means "last year" so I put in preseason for it. The caption should read:

SOLID Preseason: Patrick Thoresen checking Calgary Flames Mark Giordano in NHL preseason game.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

"One of the three stars. It is a good rating."

Love it.

Apparently he is big news.

Thanks uni.

Norwegian Oilers-fan said...

"FREMTIDEN ER VÅR: Patrick Thoresen var banens beste i opprykksfinalen til A-VM. Etter tapet for Hviterussland søkte han trøst hos datteren Mathilde (13 md.) og samboer Monica."


"The future is ours: *Pat* was Norway`s best player in the World cup group 1-promotion game(sort of) against Belarus. After the loss, he seeked comfort from his daughter Mathilde and his cohabit Monica(girlfriend yes.)

Uni wrote:
"Tonight he scored and added an assist as the Edmonton Oilers struck the Calgary Flames 4-3"

- Norwegians don`t use "struck" in that sense. Strike/struke= hit in the face. "Beat"= win etc.

- "It is a good rating".Eeh..hehe. The correct translation would be along the lines of..." Surprisingly well done" etc.

But otherwise.. Nice job! And this comes from a Norwegian;-)