Friday, October 20, 2006

Hey Weirdo, Remember This?

Here are two guys who were big parts of last spring's magic run. Pisani was rewarded nicely in the offseason. Torres' contract is up after this season.

Neither has a goal going into tomorrow night's action against the Wings.

Pisani tweaked a knee in training camp and hasn't found the range yet. He started the year playing with Horcoff and Smyth, a line I liked a lot, but soon found himself playing with Moreau and Stoll instead. Stoll has done nothing so far and Pisani's a step behind I think. With a few days rest thanks to the crank addict who apparently did the NHL schedule this season, here's hoping he gets something going tomorrow night.

Meanwhile Torres has sunk to the bottom of the depth chart, just this side of the press box. I like Raffi but I think he's a bit of a goof. I figured he would tear it up this season but the fact that he failed playing with Hemsky and Sykora doesn't surprise me. Those guys are slick skill all the way and Torres handles the puck like its vial full of Syphillis. Plus he doesn't really have a lick of sense - he got a clue last spring and apparently lost it again this summer. Hey Raffi. Psst. Hit some guys. Hurt them. And go to the goddamn net. Hard. Christ.

Benefit of suddenly having depth up front. If a guy isn't performing (and there are a couple in this boat) switch him up with someone who is.

As for the Wings, well, apparently their division isn't full of a bunch of peewee teams anymore. Plus the fact that instead of three lines that can hurt you they now really have only two. They're off to a slow start. They've clobbered Phoenix, eked out a win over LA and beat the Penguins.

Whoop de doo.

San Jose ran roughshod over them last night.

Zetterberg and Datsyuk have three points each. Mathieu Schneider leads the team with Jason Williams with three goals (he scored all three in the romp over Phoenix).

You want weird stats - check out the goalies. Save percentages are all for shit but goals against way down there.

They don't allow a lot of shots (they have an impressive d for sure) but Hasek hasn't looked like a world beater. Of course he didn't look like that in his first go round with Detroit either and that was four years ago.

Anyhow, I think the consensus on this team was that they were bound for the playoffs again but that they might be getting ready to slide. And with no youngsters making an impact up front and Datsyuk a UFA after this year it might be ugly.

A chance for the Oilers to keep up the momentum of what has been a decent start. Lets hope so.


Doogie said...

Given MacT's current meritocracy (which I like tremendously), it's hard to justify swapping Lupul for Pisani, based on recent results.

namflashback said...

those two beat downs they took in California alley were two very different games too.

We know how SJ beat them, furious cycles that drew penalties. Then the sharks powerplay destroyed them

Based on shot totals, it looks like Anaheim plays a "press" (with that fucking D, you can run alot o effective fast transition). Also a ton of penalties in that game.

So, I hope that the Oilers practices help them get the o-zone on the rush, and that they can make smart decisions on when to sit back -- the passive agressive posture might work very well again.

Like our game versus San Jose, you want to stay in these guy's heads.

4-3 Edmonton. Pisani with the GTG, Hemsky with the GWG.

Doogie said...

If the Oil have managed to figure out how to gain the zone on the PP, this should be a slaughter. The fact that they may not have is my biggest cause for concern right now.

Anonymous said...

"Neither has a goal going into tomorrow night's action against the Wings."

Torres scored againt the nucks

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

you're right anon, my mistake

I just like Pisani on that line, Doogie; I think that he fits in well with Smyth and Horcoff - I won't argue that Lupul has played better then Pisani but to me he might be a better fit playing with Sykora/Hemsky on the left or with Stoll/Torres - Stoll/Moreau.

I think Pisani can score 25 to 30 goals but he won't do it playing with Moreau and Stoll. Lupul on the other hand could score 35 where he is now but likely will score 30 playing anywhere. He had 28 playing with Todd Marchant, no?

Flawed logic maybe?