Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hanging Around

Well, my wife is back at work after her maternity leave. Kids are in bed. In-laws are gone. I don’t have hockey tonight.

So it’s a glass of Guinness and HNIC doubleheader tonight, first I’ve been able to catch.

Wanted to try and post things as they happen but Blogger seems to be goofed. Oh well.

Bob Cole said early in the Leafs’ game – “The crowd is quiet tonight.” Hey Bob, have you ever been to a Leafs’ game?

Everytime Bryan McCabe screws up, which is frequently, I laugh at the fact that JFJ gave this guy such a ridiculous contract. They should have traded him at Christmas last year when everyone thought he was Son of Orr. Instead they are stuck with him – tons of cash, longterm, no movement contract. I really can’t understand why the Leafs haven’t won the Cup in nearly 40 years.

Looks like Ottawa figured out this offence thing, with New Jersey playing the role of the Flyers. Even Dean McAmmond has potted a couple.

Speaking of offence, probably a bag skate for the Sabres tomorrow. Or maybe Lindy will make them wear their equipment while they fly home from Boston. Only six goals! Man are they slacking. Look at some of these guys – Drury has 9. Vanek has 5. Pominville 4. Afennafenna has 5 – my Sabres’ buddy has always described Maxim as the most frustrating player in the history of sport – all sizzle, no steak as Vic would say – looks like he may have figured it out

O’Neill ties the game. If you own a bar on the Danforth you’re about to make a whack of cash. Saw O'Neill on a Sunday morning last winter. I figured him for a hobo.

Nice homecoming for Theodore – 8 goals against.

Tampa wins and Brad Richards gets his first goal! Jesus. And St. Louis his second and Vincent his third. If you’re killing your team cap wise for these guys you’d figure to expect a little more.

Taylor Pyatt has four goals for the Canucks already. Didn’t see that coming.

Shanny wins it for the Rangers in the shootout. Bob Cole cracks on him for not cashing his chance in Nagano.

Bob could crack on somebody for a Maroons/St. Patricks game back in ’16 when Bad Joe Hall broke a man’s neck, I’m thinking. He is that old.

What the Fuck? CBC is going to the Canucks/Nashville game – kidding, right? Why? A rematch of a great series between two great franchises, one that has three cups in the last ten years, the other which was a Cup runner-up last year or a game between two teams that have zero Cups between them in a city where nobody cares.

Excellent choice. Is this Nancy Lee’s going away gift to the country that has paid her wage for the last twenty years? Remind me again – why is the CBC becoming less relevant every passing moment?

Blogger still isn’t working – is that where Nancy Lee works now?

Willie Mitchell just got smoked – he’s pulling a bit of a Ron Francis – wobbling back to the bench.

Luongo is unbelieveable. I would not want to face the Canucks in the playoffs. They might not even make it but if they do … take a pass on facing them in the first round.

Josh Green is on the Canucks’ second PP unit.

Canucks tie it with 1:40 left. I’m going to miss the whole first period apparently.

Wait a second – I thought the Tigers were a sure thing! All the experts said so.

Game over – Krajicek – that looked like a weak one.

Blah blah blah Hughson – lets move along – Oil are on the PP.

PP is over without a shot on goal. Bring me Craig Simpson’s head. Now.

Ahh, Kelly Hrudey. I’m back in my happy place.

Here we go.

Pisani hurts Markov. Look at Markov’s partner bail when Moreau comes at him.

Nice work by Lupul along the boards – takes the puck from two Wings and feeds Staios. Remenda has an orgasm. He loves Staios apparently. Yep, he does.

Smid makes a nice play on a Wings rush but Greene and Bergeron look terrible on the next shift. Greene picks up his second penalty.

Still a sweet PK. And Bergeron and Hemsky are on it. I must be loaded. I don’t think so. Maybe one of the kids slipped some peyote into my glass.

Torres goes from playing with Hemsky to playing with Winchester. That sucks.

Hemsky stickhandles through the Red Wings entire team, right back to Ted Lindsay. No shot results.

Thoresen looks like he fits in with the Czechs. This line looks, well, like the Wings used to look like against the Oilers. They own the puck.

Oilers just keep on coming. Winchester runs Chelios over.

Have no quibbles about the Oilers’ game so far. Winning battles for the puck. Going hard to the net. They’re playing great.

On the PP – one shot in 3 so far. And this looks pretty shit too.

Detroit got a shot though. Offside. Grabia must be going nuts.

Hemsky looks dynamite. The Oilers look dynamite. But 1-0 going into the third. Still anyone's game.

Third Period – Wings come out strong

Nice shift for Torres and Winchester – seems to me like MacT is rolling four lines or pretty close to it.

Beauty pass by Horcoff, Smyth drives the net, Oilers PP. Can we decline it?

Should have declined it. Nothing doing. As soon as the penalty expires we’re all over them.

Oiler penalty. Pisani. Iffy.

Another good PK.

What a glove save by Roli. Wow.

Hoy Christ – suicide pass by Smith, Stoll gets levelled and it’s a clusterfuck.

But Sykora. What a pass by Laddy Smid. Snipe.

Bergeron plays Lang perfectly on the rush.

Shaggy flips it out and Lupul scores.

Ahh, so this is what skill looks like.

No offense to the Oiler teams of recent vintage. Guys like Marchant and Grier set the tone, along with guys like Moreau, and Pisani – that lunchbucket, hard driving style – love it.

But these guys can finish. Wow.

I know Tyler discounted the loss of Yzerman and Shanahan a little but this Wings’ team has very little of that old time swagger. The Oilers controlled the game. Hasek kept the Wings in it and Datsyuk had a beauty goal for sure but then it was like a reversal of recent times – the Oil turned it up and game over.

The Wings, to be honest, look pretty sad. Now, they are finishing up a tough road trip but they don’t look like the same team as they have.

Moreau looks like he picked up some freak injury. His gigantic bicep maybe?

Note how Smith and Staios were right in there? These guys, like Moreau, are going to get extensions and they’re going to get overpaid but there is something to be said for the impact they have on this team. Will have to post on the value of intangibles sometime soon I think. For example – Jarret Stoll makes 2.2 M and Moreau will be making 2M against the cap – Stoll had a good game tonight but I’d say Moreau means more to this team. Right or wrong?

Five and two.

Now can they choke the life out of the Coyotes and Capitals? Banking points now – always a good thing.


uni said...

As much as I hate JFJ, I really hope that Raycroft will become dominant again, since he's showing flashes of his 03'04 Calder year, that Kubina and McCabe will all of a sudden become the 5 million dollar men they are being paid like, and that O'Neil will recapture his old 40 goal magic. Peca putting up 60 points won't be bad either, as well as career years for Sundin, Tucker, Wellwood, Steen, and Stajan. And if all that happens, I want JFJ to slip on the icy walkway of his house and end up in traction for the next year or so, so he can't screw up the Leafs anymore and I won't need to a series of miracles to happen again to really enjoy the Leafs.

And I really hope Mikhnov draws in, I'd like to see what he can do, nothing against JFJ the player for the Oilers who I actually like heh.

Doogie said...

I can actually say from personal experience that Nashville does care. The Titans may come in first, but there's definitely significant support for the Predators to be found in Music City.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

uni - are you a Leafs' fan? I'm so sorry. I really am. All kidding aside though, for the first time it looks like JFJ is doing alright, whether by accident or not. Some good youngsters, the Raycroft deal (though early) but the McCabe deal is going to bite this franchise in the ass for years.

doogie - are you down that way or have you just been to games there? I know they were a success coming out of the gate but from what I understand attendance has started to slide.

I don't think it goes without saying that most Canadians would prefer an Oilers/Wings matchup to a Canucks/Preds one however.

kinger said...

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