Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Danger In Press Clippings

Four examples of this last night:

1/ Jose Theodore. The kid was good once upon a time. Anybody who saw the highlights from his disastrous performance last night against Chicago can see that Pierre LaCroix's last big move is going to handcuff this club for years. He let in three goals, including two by Marty LaPointe, that make Ty Conklin look like Glenn Hall. I kid you not.

2/ The Chicago Bears took the Monday Night Football stage after a week of comparisons to the Super Bowl team of 1985 and articles asking if this will be the team that matches the 72 Dolphins with an undefeated season. Facing a typical Arizona team (terrible) with a rookie quarterback, the Bears proceeded to fall behind 23-0 while their own young quarterback turned the ball over an astounding six times. While the Bears' offence scored a total of three points their defence and special teams scored 21 points from the last ten seconds of the third quarter on and then Arizona's kicker missed a makeable field goal at the end of the game. Peter King calls it one of the worst choke jobs in sports history. That may be but nobody is comparing these Bears with that '85 team this morning.

3/ John Tortorella (pictured above) is about to get the axe, I would say. He's a pretty good coach but at some point, like so many of these guys, I'm thinking he began to think he was a genius. Not sure how he'll blame last night's disaster or the terrible starts of St. Louis and Richards, for that matter, on John Grahame . When he spent last year's playoffs trashing Grahame (publically giving your team a built in excuse for losing ranks up there amongst the worst coaching moves one can make, methinks) you knew his time was coming.

4/ And finally, your Edmonton Oilers. After coming out guns a blazing this season to prove that they are a team to be reckoned with (which they are) they spent a good part of Saturday night allowing Roli to bail them out. They got away with it. Last night they shortcutted again apparently. Roli held them in there but no two points this time. A good lesson to be learned - good press is nice but it gets you nowhere when the puck drops.


Andy Grabia said...

Where ten days ago there was nervousness there is now unbridled optimism (well, not from all quarters).

Ahem. Thank you. Thank you very much.

And the Bears stink. I've stuck by this all year. They've played one opponent with a winning record, and play like two more all year.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I think people are getting seduced by the fact that some of the teams (Buffalo) that they are thumping are supposed to be good.

But actually are not.

That defence is something else. Again.

But with the Bears it always comes back to the QB. If Grossman is pretty good this team can go pretty far.

But last night was one of the worst performances by a QB I have seen in a long time.

Lowetide said...

Grossman looked terrible last night to be sure, but the D is going to win them at least one playoff game.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

The other thing is that they may be in line for home field through the playoffs, especially with that remaining schedule.

As for Grossman - could be just one of those things.

A wakeup call for sure - the press these guys were getting based on five games was almost equivalent to the "Ottawa Senators - Best Team Ever?" shit we heard last year.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Bears fan (been quite a burden for a long time) and I think that Grossman was reading his own press. He went to NFL.com and saw that he had a top 5 QB rating - and believed it. He's still a kid, but this game will help him grow up. We'll see how he responds in the next game - hopefully he does the prep and tears it up.

In the previous game a fan had a sign that said "Rex, We're sorry for all the things we said." Made me chuckle.

Can Urlacher skate?


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

mo - those Bears teams in the 80s could have been amongst the alltime great dynasties if they had had a little bit of offence; after 85 I remember year after year that D tearing it up but then the squad falling short

then the 90s which were pretty sad (Chicago has cornered the market on terrible owners, it seems)

and then recent years where again they just can't get it done when they have the ball

we'll see - here's hoping

She said...

Positively prescient, Pat.