Thursday, October 26, 2006

And Sometimes That Bear Gets You

Quick comments on last night's loss. I saw the first two periods.

The difference last night was the goaltending. So it goes. The second period especially was the killer. At one point the Oilers had outshot them 16-6 and were outscored 3-1. That says it all. Considering Roloson's play this year he obviously gets a mulligan. Up to last night he'd be graded as an A+. Now maybe an A. The Shannon goal was a killer.

The Ducks can shut you down at ES, no? Which means Stoll's line has to produce and so does the PP. A little of both but not enough. Looks like Stoll has gotten it together - I would think Pisani is next. He looked dangerous last night. Look for him to score tonight or Saturday.

Smid impresses me.

Greene less so.

Its early but I tell you one place that is looking mighty important right now and that is first in the Pacific. Because likely two of Dallas, San Jose and the Ducks are going to play each other in the first round. Here's hoping Dallas' shootout acumen gets them first so the Ducks and Sharks have to go at it.

Jacques fits in fine. He already looks better then Winchester. He certainly can skate. And having said that Winchester looks alright too. I was going to comment on how the fourth line was doing a job on Getzlaf and then he ends up with two - of course the first was against Stoll's line. Not sure on the second.

Anyhow, Jacques looks good. Nice to see.

Selanne looks like he's hurt and I thought there was a reference to that? They need him - odd to say considering they filled the Oil for six goals but this team doesn't strike me as having a lot of offensive weapons. Getzlaf obviously is coming into his own but Perry was a nonfactor and Penner did little in my books.

Oilers need another Dman though - which of course we all knew.

Overall, a disappointing result. Obviously there were breakdowns here and there and Anaheim took charge. They and Buffalo look to be the class of the league right now.

Finally, I have been changing the channel on principle whenever knucklehead Tie Domi appears on my screen in his new role as hockey analyst but after catching him last night let me just say I have become a huge fan. The guy is so bad he is good. I mean we are talking an Ed Wood movie or Keanu Reeves doing Shakespeare.

At one point he blabs "Hey folks, these guys have more scoops then anybody I know!" When James Duthie begins to try and fill the embarrassed silence that resulted from this outburst Domi talked over him again. "Their cell phones are always ringing with tips.", he blurted. That or some other nonsense.

I was laughing so hard I didn't catch the last bit.

Ahh, TSN, let your advertisers work their wiles on me - I will be tuning in again.


Anonymous said...

It is obvious that TSN is looking to Domi to become a Toronto-centric clown/icon like Cherry. As you have pointed out, it does not matter what either of them say, so long as they are talking. Unlike you, I have stopped listening. I am reminded of a quote about Rolling Stone magazine: "Interviews with people that can't speak, by people who can't write, for people who can't read." Such is the 300-channel universe, airtime for everyone.


Anonymous said...

hey bdhs,

share your feelings on the game last night. was excited to see the first game against pronger et al, against one of the touted favourites, but shut the game off after the soft 4th goal by shannon. tough to stay up to watch these west coast games when you're on the east coast, and was glad i didn't further work myself into a lather by staying up to watch the third period.

i enjoyed stoll's first goal against pronger. he does look to be more confident again. hope pisani can get rewarded for his work in recent games.

roloson was fighting the puck all night. thought bergeron was shaky again. more impressed with smid the more i watch him. seems to be developng more poise and confidence with the puck.

had to settle with watching the game
with ananheim commentators (nhl center ice package). lots of mistakes in their commentary. annoying. would have rather seen the ferengi-esque domi intermission analysis.

seems macT is juggling things a little with thoresen back with jfj and reasoner.

overall the score did not accurately reflect the oilers play i thought. we were due a game like this considering earlier wins with lacklustre effort against vancouver, and stretches against san jose and colorado.


Earl Sleek said...

had to settle with watching the game with ananheim commentators (nhl center ice package).

Sorry about that. The announcers are better than they used to be, though.

Just don't listen too closely, is my advice.

namflashback said...

Full marks to Anaheim, in that their "2-2-1" in the 4th period bottled the Oilers up pretty well. That and the first 8 minutes of the third, the Oilers were making one too many passes once they gained the zone.

Strangely, as a forward group, the first 2 periods were pretty damn decent in terms of chances created. The chances against weren't that many, but the first goal was a bad rebound by Roli, the third -- well maybe Torres should have taken a penalty there. The fourth, you just wish Roli could have stopped that one.

I know that Selanne isn't up to snuff, but crazily -- our fourth line + 2,47 did decent against them.

I haven't looked at the shift chart or superstats, but it looks like 14-16-34 got burned by the Getzlaf line. Should not have happened. Torres had better start doing something useful.

Alana said...

Tie Domi was hilarious. I was so embarassed for him!

Poor Roli had a bad night. Oh well.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Brooklyn, I noticed that. I didn't see the third (kids and wife are sick so a little too tired to stay up until 12:30) but was Thoresen double shifting? Did the 4th line play much at all?

It was an odd game - after two periods I felt the Oilers deserved better - but they were a little sloppy.

mo - oh it likely won't take long before I stop listening either - that was the first time I actually tuned in to him; I knew he would be bad. Just not that bad.

namflashback said...

Thoresen played a couple of shifts with Reasoner and JFJ because Winchester was in the penalty box after the fight.

There were a couple of other times when the lines came out different, I think it was after a particularly long PP shift for the 5 forward unit, so Horc was out with Torres and Pisani.

uni said...

I seriously still don't get how they could justify hiring Domi...I mean he was an enforcer...and not know for his hockey sense.

I think mo hit it dead on, a blatant attempt to get the huge Toronto viewership. Since you reccommend him so much for his comic appeal BD I'm going to have to try to catch his segment, but I tend to just automatically tune him out...can't help it.

Also the only commentators I find annoying so far are the ones for Buffalo and Florida. Buffalo is especially bad, they just bash other's almost as if it's not enough that their team is the best in the NHL right now, they have to put down other teams as well in order to feel good about themselves. The Florida commentator was actually not that bad, only I couldn't stand his constant referral to the puck as a biscuit.

Here's my advice for centre ice games...if you are watching an Oilers game in an enemy rink, mute the TV and turn on a radio tuned to CHED, presto, problem solved.

I only caught the third period, and for some reason I always believe that the Oil can score 4 goals in 2 minutes and win the game...I don't know...maybe I just like watching train wrecks in the hopes that there will be survivors.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

nam - checked the shift chart - looks like MacT rolled four lines - even Winchester ended up @ around 10 minutes - I guess once the game was out of reach

uni - don't waste too much time - as I said in the comments - it probably won't take too long before I move along as I was doing before - God, he's bad though

never have understood his popularity here - the guy was not much of a player but of course this is a market that has never shown much affection for Sundin either

Anonymous said...

would love to listen to rod call the games...the only problem is that the 630 CHED reception is not so good in NYC.

also, watching the oilers lose, now 4-1, to the dogs. don't mind big georges scoring, but only if it was in a losing effort. trying to talk myself off the ledge right now. officially in a panic about the oilers goaltending now, with visions of last year in my head.


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

off to bed for me brooklyn - you're a better man then me

no panic yet - wait until March - tonight was a trap game for sure - back to back against the worst team in the league after the biggest game of the year so far and they beat the Yotes easily the other day

not good, of course, but no worries here yet

but if they lose on Saturday ... :)

uni said...

Well...if you have a computer near your TV you can stream CHED?

And the I'm not sure that this time the bear just got the saw 6-2 and just assumed that the Oilers had won 6-2.