Friday, October 27, 2006

And Sometimes Apparently The Bunny Gets You Too

Well, what can be said.

The Oilers were not ready to play.

They know it.

Goaltending was shoddy.

Smith and Tjarnqvist a -6 combined.

Horcoff and Smyth a -4 combined.

The only good thing that can be taken is that Pisani, who was flying against the Ducks, finally got his first.

Dennis at IOF has commented from the beginning that his biggest worry was the Oilers on the road this year, when they can't hide their weaknesses.

That is a problem but I think Horcoff touched on the bigger one. This team has gotten away from the style that made them successful on the road last year in the last two games.

They have been seduced, slightly anyhow, by the increase in skill on the roster, and what was a pretty good start. They have forgotten that without some work and grit, any team can beat any team on any given night.

They found that out the hard way yesterday.


namflashback said...

And even doubly ironic is the fact that everyone on the blogosphere and oilers forms kept saying:

"where's the offence?"

and it seems like the players are doing that too, even though they were doing just fine playing smart hockey.

and on the "road" susceptability -- why is it that it is Smith/Tjarnquist that are looking like the rookies out there.

Anonymous said...

let's hope it's just a flesh wound...

hopefully the boys get bag skated and slapped around a little and get back on track for next game. the captain had a tough night i thought. tone was set with LeNeveau stoning hemsky twice on break aways. had he scored a different game would have unfolded.


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

brooklyn - yep but its hard to get on Smith and Shaggy; they've both been terrific; if Hemsky scores likely the Yotes fold up but so it goes

nam - this team is still trying to find itself - G7 Stanley Cup + big turnover + low expectations from media + great start + higher skill level = a team trying to find its identity

Vic Ferrari said...

Well said, Pat. The team seems bipolar right now. They'll settle down eventually, though they're young enough that they'll have plenty of relapses I'm sure. The next time they win a couple of big games in impressive fashion and get good press ... they'll still believe the press clippings and serve up a dog, just not as badly as last night. :-) And the next time after that ... same again, but even less of a dog on the fall from grace that time. :)

And so on and so on until eventually you are as levelheaded as the Detroit teams of the past dozen years or so. It will take a while though.

Wardo said...

Four comments - and nobody addressed the elephant in the room?

My GOD! What's wrong with that rabbit?!