Friday, September 29, 2006

Your Man Moreau

As per my agreement with Alana over at Hot Oil, here are my picks for the remainder of the First Original Hot Off - I have invested too much to not have my vote count. With my mancrush Ryan Smyth long gone I have to go with former Sudbury Wolves' playoff rental and failed basketball star Ethan Moreau to go all the way.

Alana will cast my votes for me - you can double check here to make sure she doesn't stuff the ballot box with her dream Oiler, you know who.

So here goes.

Jason Smith/Steve Staios - I'll take Gator
Dwayne Roloson/Jan Hejda - Roli the Goalie

Semi finals

Ethan Moreau/MacT - Moreau of course

Here are my rankings for the other bracket - Jason Smith, Dwayne Roloson, Steve Staios, Jan Hejda


Moreau, Smith, Roloson, MacT, Staios, Hejda

May the hottest Oiler win.

And what does he win, anyhow?


Lowetide said...

I suspect the females will be in charge of the grand prize. :-)

mudcrutch79 said...

I think that they need to get a copy of that Schremp picture printed up and send it, along with a certificate, to the hottest Oiler.

They should also issue a press release.

Alana said...

Is there a mailing address for the Oilers? I'll totally send the winner a certificate or something.

allan said...

Maybe Guy with HF could help with contacts.

You should be able to present it in person. This is a big, important award. Second only to the Cup, really.

uni said...

You should set up a Paypal donation account and everyone should pitch in. There has to be a full page ad to announce the winner in at least one major Edmonton newspaper.