Friday, September 15, 2006

What the Hat Said

This is from the Globe and Mail - its insider stuff online - so a short summary, other then Duhatschek's feeling that the Oilers will be contenders if they have good goaltending there is nothing super interesting here and for those of you in Edmonton, much of this may not be news at all.

- Duhatschek describes the Pronger loss as one that nobody is underplaying; he describes the remaining players who departed as comparatively minor

- Lowe refers to the Canes/Sabres model as he has done previously - the idea of the no name D and the plethora of skilled forwards up front

- line combinations - 94/10/83 - 16/14/Lupul - 34/Sykora/??? (either Moreau/Reasoner or a kid)

- kids he mentions - Schremp, Winchester, Mikhnov, Jacques, Pouliot - so do these guys have the inside track - seeing as he is talking to Lowe I presume this is likely what Lowe has said - not a great leap of logic and of course I think we would all agree these are the guys on the radar anyhow

- Roloson is ahead of schedule - he was supposed to begin skating September 5th and has been in full pads, good range of movement (butterflying etc) since mid August

- they are at @38M so can add salary if need be

- Lowe said the one positive about losing Pronger (and Peca for that matter) is it gave them 10M to play with so they were able to resign guys, extend guys etc whom they may have not been able to otherwise (Horc/Hemsky???) So that flexibility was one good thing out of the mess.

- he says he thought a little bit about forcing Pronger to fulfill his contract at least into the beginning of this season but says that CP would have just stayed home rather then deal with the fans' anger - by airing his demand for a trade CP forced Lowe's hand

That is all - nothing earth shattering but I love the Hat and figured I'd pass it along to non Globe readers.


Steve said...

The full article can be read by non-subscribers here:

Bank Shot said...

Mr.Hat must be an Edmonton fan. All the other sportswriters have been writing negatively about the Oilers over this offseason.

That or he is the only writer in Canada who isn't a homer for their home tema.

I like him either way.

Doogie said...


Seriously, this is quite possibly the first article I've read that doesn't completely slag the Oil because...they lost Pronger. Seriously, none of those other guys was either irreplaceable nor particularly expected/wanted back.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

bank shot - Duhatschek is based in Calgary, I believe, and I think he was a Flames' reporter in the 80s.

While many would argue with a Toronto based newspaper calling itself a national newspaper, one of the strengths of the Globe is that it has reporters based in a number of places - Duhatschek and Maki in the west, David Naylor in Ottawa, Shoalts and Tim Wharmsby in Toronto. And while a guy like Shoalts does the majority of his reporting on the Leafs, he is no cheerleader. Duhatschek's strength is his knowledge of the game and of the league - he writes about different teams and his points are always measured - he's not splashy and that's a good thing.

Doogie - agreed; Spacek would have been nice to keep I think but not at that asking price - I liked a lot of the others who left but as you say none are irreplaceable

Scarlett said...

I think he is based in Calgary too. He's usually on the CBC Satellite Hotstove in the second intermission. Very credible guy! Nice to hear he's not hammering the Oil like everyone else is.