Friday, September 29, 2006

So Long, Farewell!

Off to England with my wife to celebrate five years of wedded bliss.

Trip will include:

Many pints in many old pubs inhabited by decrepit old men (my favorite - old pubs that is, not old men).

A lot of boiled meat or, if lucky, a lot of Indian takeaway.

A healthy dollop of sex.

A Premier League Soccer match.

No kids.

No Oilers.

The first time we were overseas, four years ago, we left with the Yankees coming off of four straight appearances in the World Series and favoured to do it again, and returned to find them long gone, knocked off by the Angels (!?).

In other words, there will be no computer, no TV, no papers.

We return Thursday afternoon.

I hope to see our starting lineup that night including everyone healthy and Pouliot on the fourth line with Reasoner and Thoresen.

Jacques in the pressbox with Peterson or Winchester and Hejda (I guess).

It looks like the top six D are decided and the above is likely, if not guaranteed. Interesting to note that even in the papers the note is that Winchester has done nothing to earn a spot.

Trade him now. Or send him down.

If I see our friend Bob Sacamano, I'll say 'ello.


Kyle Kosior said...

Enjoy your trip to England. I was thinking of taking my new bride there for our belated honeymoon. Could you do a little post to let me know if you would recommend it?

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Congrats Kyle.

My wife and I actually went to Scotland and Ireland on a belated honeymoon in 2002.

This will be my third trip over - I'd recommend Sept/Oct if you can - weather is reasonable still (you're always going to get rain but its been decent for us) and there are fewer tourists.

Man, there's so much to do and see - I could write a book and as I said only my third trip - what are you into? Historical stuff? Scenery? Hiking? Pubs?

How much time would you have?

Kyle Kosior said...

We would have about 10 days, and we are both really into historical stuff. She was an archeology major and works for an architect now.

I am a huge WW2 buff, so I would like to see some of that stuff. Other than that, we are pretty flexible.

We are thinking of going in March. Any thoughts on that?

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

kyle - just back tonight - give me a few days to catch my breath and then check back for thoughts - I work with two English guys so I will ask them about March - prices will be right that's for sure