Thursday, September 14, 2006

No Kidding - Check out what the Hat says

Eric Duhatschek, one of my favourite, if not my favourite hockey writer (I actually emailed him last year to ask him whether he thought Ryan Smyth would make the Olympic team - he answered me ten minutes later with an actual well thought out response) has a piece on the Oilers and their summer in today's Globe and Mail.

In his opinion if the Oilers get good goaltending this year then they are contenders, even without Pronger.

I can't see it and its only one man's opinion but that's nice to hear amid all of the doom and gloom, no?

Check out the article - it may be Insider Edition (subscriber) - I'm on my way out the door but will double check tomorrow and if it is I'll post a summary.

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Bretzky81 said...

I tend to like Eric's opinon and commentary too - he does a bunch of HNIC telecasts and often seems to be a voice of reason.

His Globe article is in the INSIDER area and costs $15 for the "free" trial....

If anyone gets a chance, and didn't see it last night, go to and under the audio/video check out the Schremp shootout.