Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Former Powerhouse Takes a Crap

Don't care for the Dallas Stars.

Never have.

Big surprise there, huh?

Having said that, they had a good year last season until it crashed about them in a first round disaster against the Avs who in turn were crushed by the Ducks who had their heads handed to them by the Oilers. Ok, it wasn't that simple. I know that so don't start complaining, especially you Earl. A break or two here or there, I know.

Looks like all of those shootout wins courtesy of Jussi Jokinen may have seriously juiced those point totals.

Rent a player Willie Mitchell is gone but by my count the Stars have eight serviceable NHL defencemen including returnee Sydor. Other then Zubov and underrated Phil Boucher none really turn my crank but of course I said that about the Canes too so there. With playoff bust Marty Turco in the nets they should do alright defensively because Turco, for all his playoff failures, is a decent regular season goalie.

Its up front that this team is a mess. They won't miss Billy Guerin whose 45M contract ranks up there amongst the worst in sports history I think but they will miss Jason Arnott who piled up the goals last season.

Additions up front - gritty Jeff Halpern, pain in the ass Matthew Barnaby (wonder how long he and Steve Ott square off in practice - who wins a fight where both participants turtle anyhow?), and two of the most fragile players in the league - Patrik Stefan and Eric Lindros.

Lindros was dynamite for about a month last season for the Leafs but the guy is an accident waiting to happen. There should be a pool on how he gets hurt this season. All risk, not much reward I'm afraid.

I figured the Stars would be touch and go to make the playoffs last year. I think this season the slide might really begin. If the bottom half of the conference playoff race is as close as last season they may nab a reasonable seed relying on that D but if Modano starts to fade again or Jere Lehtinen gets hurt that might be it.

San Jose and the Ducks will pass them by and I think they may be on the bubble come playoff time. They are going to miss Arnott's production.


Anonymous said...

Another organization like the Flames that thinks defence wins championships. I agree with your conclusions - they are going to have a worse season next year.

Vic Ferrari said...

If Modano and Lindros stay healthy you have to like their chances. Not oggd odds on that with the latter I know, but hell, dozens of guys could rack up impressive counting numbers playing behind Modano.

On the whole I agree though. The goalpost gods were very kind to Dallas last year. And as you say they racked up a shitload of OT shootout wins last year, a guy wouldn't want to bet the reant on that repeating. Like a bunch of teams in this new era, they need to stay healthy to get into the playoffs and have a chance.

Earl Sleek said...

don't start complaining, especially you Earl.

What? I'm all about oversimplification of facts!

Any way, it is a somewhat smallish dream of mine to end a season with Dallas at the bottom of the Pacific. This year it's not impossible, I feel that they are one or two key injuries away (one has to be Turco, though).

Anonymous said...

Nothing too painful though, that would be mean. Maybe just some kind of a contagious skin rash that has everyone scratching and a couple of guys can not shake so they get quarantined.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Vic - I wonder what odds you could get on Lindros staying healthy enough to play, say, seventy games.

Earl - I'd be happy to see that but it would take Turco, Modano and Lehtinen going down to make that dream come true; I think the Ducks blow by them this year though

Anonymous said...

As much as I want to see Dallas at the bottom of the Pacific (both the division and the ocean), part of me would much rather see them face the Oil in the playoffs and get beaten so badly their prospects for the next 20 years will feel it.

Payback for 4 playoffs of agony and 4 playoffs of money I lost on the Oil. Every year and after every major trade from Weight on out I said I'd stop watching the Oil, every year they sucked me back in. Damn I hate Dallas.

Ritch said...

"They won't miss Billy Guerin whose 45M contract ranks up there amongst the worst in sports history"


He was great on the B's, and I died a little when he left, but as the past few seasons have shown us, it's good to be a shooter on a line with Joe Thornton.

As my brother said when he went down a couple seasons ago with a deep thigh bruise, "looks like he was wearing some baggy shorts, and his wallet swung around and hit him in the leg."