Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Dman Blues

Mrs. Plager told her boys not to grow up to be cowboys.

So they didn't.

Over at CIO the debate rages about whether or not Brian Leetch is an answer for our D corps.

I said no but regular commentator Steve asked, well, who then?

Uh ... good question.

Regular surfers here know I'm a pint half full type of guy or as Lowetide would say I tend to Blue sky things.

I'll admit to that.

And while I can paint a scenario where the Oilers can make do with their D as presently constituted just as I painted a scenario where the Oilers could get by the Wings, the truth is this team has three decent guys who can eat up minutes (Smith, Staios, Tarnqvist) and a bunch of question marks. Bergeron might figure it out. Hejda may be a player. One of Smid, Gilbert, Syvret or Young may be ready. Greene may be ready to be Commodore (although I think he is a year or two away from that in reality). Check out San Jose's D if you want to see young and unproven. They did alright.

The truth is the Oil likely will get a decent third pair out of the lot of them this season and in a year or two we will have a nice quality young D corps.

So where do we look?

A really nice summary of teams and their cap situations here and a few things jumped out at me.

The Oilers have gone back to being young - the third youngest team after San Jose and Columbus from what I can see. Of course this includes Schremp on the roster.

Jersey, even with the rumours that they are going to try and hide Mogilny and Malakhov on the IR to resolve their salary situation, are still in big cap trouble. Problem is the guy I like, Rafalski, has an expensive number on his contract and I'm not sure if Matvichuk or Lukowich add much more then what we have.

So, why the Plager brothers up above? Because while the Blues may have, in some estimations (Lowetide again and Mudcrutch as well) have had a nice summer, I think they aren't even close to being back. And they have a lot of age up front - Weight, Guerin, Tkachuk and Drake. Only Detroit, Jersey and Dallas are older.

And they have three young Dmen - Brewer, Backman and Jackman.

Could we pry either of the latter two away for a young forward or two? Would Torres fit the bill? Or someone else?

Maybe a fit?


lowetide said...

Aw, the Plagers. Barcley and Bob were about as tough as anyone who ever played and that's the truth. The stories I have read about both are Slapshot-like.

Billy was more of a mobile two-way defender but he got pigeon-holed and didn't really get a shot.

Barcley or Bob would be excellent on this Oilers team right now though.

Anonymous said...

I love those names, Backman and Jackman, they'd make a damn fine defensive pair =D.

I really don't see Jackman being traded by the Blues at all, he could be a future captain, and if he did get traded the price would be pretty steep. Torres for Backman though, I really never considered the Blues as a potential trading partner. I think they're going to try to offload their vets at the deadline for prospects and keep their young D together.

Right now I'm all for training camp, and the pre-season games. Maybe Hejda will surprise everyone and Smid will have a Phaneuf like impact...well without as many hitting 'impacts' though seeing as he's not as physical =).

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

The Blues also have that kid Johnson in college too, don't forget.

I think they are set on D for the foreseeable future.

I think they will offload Tkachuk etc etc although I'm not sure what they will be able to get, more picks and prospects I would think.

They NEED young forwards.

The Oilers have them - NHL ready forwards at that.

I love Jackman but Backman intrigues me.

Waiting for them to pick up Ric Jackman.