Monday, August 28, 2006

Columbus DID NOT Discover America!

And they're probably not going to leapfrog five teams and go from 74 points to @ 95 points either.

That's what THN is saying is going to happen.

Now, they're going to be better.

And after they got over a spate of injuries (most importantly to Rick Nash) they did go on a decent run to finish the season if I recall correctly.

And they added Freddie Modin, who will be good for 30 or so goals as usual.

But they're carrying Sergei Federov's deadweight of a salary. (what a dum dum trade that was)

And Adam Foote is another year older.

And most importantly their goaltending duo is Paschal LeClaire, who put up pretty good numbers last season and has the pedigree but now has to prove he can carry a team, and Ty Conklin.

Remember Conkannen?

LeClaire may be the real deal and Conklin may bounce back (although to me I see Rick Ankiel) but if these guys still had Marc Denis and LeClaire I would feel a whole lot better about their chances. But Denis went the other way in the Modin deal.

And if Zherdev walks (I don't think so but you never know) then Gilbert Brule better be able to step in right away. And the chances of that happening ...

Uh huh.

It rests on LeClaire - if he can do it then they will hang around and likely fall short - if he cannot then its another year in the basement.


Anonymous said...

I don't see these guys making a move this year. You're right on the money, too many question marks to be considered a playoff team in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, worse comes to worse another high draft pick can't hurt =)

grey wall said...

you obviously know nothing of creme-brule. Go Gil-bear

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Oh, I think Brule may be a heck of a player - I saw a little bit of him at the Memorial Cup and he was great.

But CHL/NHL - big difference - I can't see him lighting it up this season.

Anonymous said...

grey wall - I think that bdhs has nailed the Jackets this year in this piece. In non-Malkin years it would be a rookie-of-the-year accomplishment for Brule to fill the 54 point hole left by Zherdev. One 50-point player can not alter a franchises fortunes that much - it takes 6-8 of them.

He's a good one, but still likely to be a boy amongst men for a couple more years.

Vic Ferrari said...

Well, Zherdev is fun to watch. If he's missing it will surely hurt their powerplay. But he's more sizzle than steak IMO. Against the Oilers at least he inadvertantly creates more scoring chances at his own end of the rink than against th opposition. I remember a play where he passed the puck to himself between his legs, spun and received it. A practice trick that not many guys would try in a game. Thing is ... he was alone in the corner on a powerplay, it accomplished nothing. He could have gotten the exact same effect by just standing there. :-) Fun, fun player to watch.

I think that CBJ can be playing meaningful games in March only if Fedorov becomes the player of old. And while his attitude may be lacking, I think his footspeed is as well. IMO if he has his game back this fall ... then CBJ could surprise. Otherwise they can't.

I hope Conklin bounces back as well. I really didn't think that he would get an NHL gig this season, but there ya go.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Late to read a few of these.

If Federov pulls a Selanne then we might see something from the Jackets but Teemu had a year off to heal those aches.

I think all those miles have caught up with Sergei.

Like the Zherdev story Vic