Sunday, July 23, 2006


Thought Stoll's contract was too high - I figured he'd come in around 1.7 per.

Now that Mike York gets 2.85.

And apparently Briere is going to get 5.

The poor Sabres.

Looks like Lowe gambled and may have won after all. Too much for Stoll? Yes but what if he went to arbitration and got 3?

Going to be a whole lot of movement. A whole lot of teams walking away from players, I think.

Some others getting traded.

Poor Sabres.


namflashback said...

oof. that as a decision AND 1 year to UFA.

I doubt that teams walk away, but the trade value (and $ available in caps) is going to severely limit other teams' ability to trade for a arbitration UFA.

so expect some to get signed -- and traded before TC. But what do you pay (in trade value) for a 1 year rental. Picks? Dead-end prospects?

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Rumour is Briere will sign a longterm (5 year) for 25 and then get dealt.

That would make him more palatable as trade bait.

But if Gomez gets 6, say, who would take that on?

I doubt that teams will walk away as well - the Islanders apparently have signed York - but some teams are going to be in even bigger trouble with these awards.

namflashback said...

Well, more than from a team perspective, unless players at some point get used to making less money for no other reason than the economics of the situation -- there are going to be a huge number of 3-4 line guys out of work or getting pressed to the minimum just because they don't have mega counting numbers.

Mind you -- this was probably by design. Fewer lower-skilled players in the lineup. Instead, you bring your young guns in.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

not sure if I agree whether it was by design or not - if my 4th line is going to be an energy line that can chip in the odd goal and have a couple of good pk men on it then I think I want a couple of vets at minimum then youngsters

but its definitely going that way and will continue to do so - in the next few years as the money dries up, spent on the stars, guys like Dvorak, Moreau, etc - good role players - are going to be taking what they can get - and it won't be much

might see some of these guys go to Europe to finish their careers there

namflashback said...

You might be right. If those 3-4 line guys aren't willing to accept the paycut -- then most team's option will be to employ cheap rookies.

I think we will already see a higher rookie content this coming season.

And some pretty decent players are going to start getting put out to pasture (Europe).